WATCH: Carriage Driver Throws N-Bomb And Anti-Gay Slur At Group During NYC Pride

Above, one of New York’s colorful hansom cab drivers (you know, the guys that steer the horse-drawn carriages) can be heard shouting a racial epithet and homosexual slur at a group of women who questioned the treatment of horses in his industry over Pride weekend.

Of course, with his thick Irish brogue, it sounds like he’s calling them “faking naggers” on their way to a “dake convention.”

PETA got hold of this amateur footage and is using it in its campaign to get the city to outlaw the oh-so-romantic conveyances. Out tennis legend and animal-rights advocate Martina Navratilova just sent a letter  to New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (you know, one high-powered lesbian to another), in which she she reproached the politico for supporting of a “scurrilous industry that spouts racist and homophobic vitriol.”

Navratilova implored Quinn to change her stance and support Intro. 86A, a bill seeking to replace horse-drawn carriages with eco-friendly classic cars.

We’d love to see the buggies go away, not just because of the cruelty, but because of the smell, the poop, the slow-moving carts ambling down the street as cars honk in their wake.

Did we mention the poop?

But animal cruelty and foul-mouthed drivers are two separate issues. If the city tried to axe everyone who spewed bigoted invective on the streets of New York, the bread lines would be longer than a wait for a table at Per Se.