WATCH: Cartoon Version Of Controversy Over Transgender Contestant Booted From Miss Universe Canada

You know you’ve got a big news story when Next Media Animation decides to create a cutesy video short of it. Here’s what they did with the stunning transgender woman who was booted from the Miss Universe Canada beauty pageant for being born a man.

We particularly love their commentary on Donald Trump, who owns the competition.

“If he’s the authority on who or what is beautiful, then we’re all in big trouble,” the voice-over lady says, while a lady gets a spray-tan and a fake wig put on.

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  • jason

    These transgenders are parodies of women. They grow their hair long, for instance. They are obviously attracted to the fetishes of female appearance and behavior. I truly doubt that many of them are genuinely desirous of changing sex.

    As for this beauty competition, why would any decent female want to be associated with it? Unless you enjoy being treated like cattle, avoid it.

  • Bianca Lynne

    Except for the trans women with short hair, or shaved heads, or medium-length hair. But you know, don’t let reality spoil an otherwise sound theory.

    “I truly doubt that many of them are genuinely desirous of changing sex.” And what would lead you to this conclusion? The years of therapy to get a note to go through years of hormone replacement to qualify for a year long (at least) recovery from genital surgery? Yes, indeed the hallmarks of frivolity.

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    @jason: While I agree with everything you’ve said Jason concerning the transgender. I agree they are for the most part playing dress up and wanting to live out their fantasies while keeping they’re junk, their excuse and that whats it is that surgery is dangerous and expensive are just that excuses and nothing more, if their brain gender is really that of a women then they should not only want the surgery they should be damned and determined to get surgery otherwise they’re just wannabe pretenders IMO. You must remember that in this case this women ISN’T Transgender, she’s a post-op Transexual and yes theres a huge difference. I feel that this women should be allowed to compete as she is completing female by all measurement’s that matter and deserves the same rights accorded to any genetic women.

  • julie

    @sweetbrandigirl2004: Piece of info for you: transgender is an umbrella term that includes transsexual people (pre-op, post-op, and non-op). Please educate yourself before passing a blanket judgment on a diverse portion of the LGBT community.

    If someone wants to live the rest of their life as a woman with a penis, it’s none of yours or anyone else’s business. We shouldn’t have to put up with road blocks to live our lives just because we don’t want to undergo risky, expensive surgery to remove parts that do not challenge the image we have of ourselves.

    My partner and I are both comfortable with how I’m shaped. She told me when we first met that she was apprehensive about being with a trans woman, but afterwards realized that I’m a woman and my parts are all woman, regardless of what they look like.

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    @Bianca Lynne: Uh lets be honest here thew vast majority of Transgender people DON’T go to therapy most have told me they don’t need or want it, likewise they see therapist and counselors as gatekeepers and could care less about what they say or in following the SOC. The vast majority of transgender which are different then Transexuals don’t meet the =criteria of the diagnosis for GID. Also honestly Therapy doesn’t take Years as you said to get an approval for HRT, most times its more like three months likewise once on HRT there isn’t a set amount of time one must be on Hormones before one can have surgery and its definitely not years as you stated. But all these circumstances apply to Transexuals and not the transgender.

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    @julie: Julia its fine that your partner accepts you, but don’t expect the rest of the world to buy into your fantasy that you can are a women when you have a penis nor should you expect to be welcomed in women’s spaces. Also I’m quite aware that transgender is an umbrella term that was coined by a cross dresser Virginia Prince who by the way hated Transexuals after being repeatedly deny a GID diagnosis by multiple Counselors and therapist. The Trans Mafia has since co-oped Transexuals both pre and post forcing under it umbrella solely to give the transgender wannabes vilification for their lifestyle and to give them a legitimate medical condition from which they can try and force themselves into and onto society.

  • Clockwork

    Transgenders desire freedom of expression and conscience;

    Just like gay men and lesbians…just like gay men and lesbians…just like…

  • Geri

    @jason: Jenna Talackova has had full gender reassignment surgery. Perhaps you should get a brain change Jason.

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