WATCH: Cazwell Reminds You He’s Hot In New Video For “Guess What?”

The video for Cazwell‘s “Guess What?’ featuring Luciana starts with the oft-shirtless gay rapper face down on the floor. So our attention’s caught pretty early. The song is the first single from Cazwell’s highly-anticipated full-length album Hard 2 B Fresh, being released through Peace Bisquit in August.

Mostly known for his comedic rhymes that have included spotting Beyoncé at Burger King and scandalizing ice cream trucks, the song and video mark a different different direction for Cazwell. But even as he and UK-born vocalist Luciana extoll the virtues of their own hotness throughout “Guess What?,” Cazwell doesn’t want you to take him too seriously.

“I’m not really as narcissistic as I proclaim to be in the song,” he says. “I mean, sure, I’m a little self-absorbed but I don’t have an inflated ego or anything. I consider myself to be pretty easy breezy.”

“Guess What?” is available today on iTunes and Beatport.