WATCH: Celebrate Transgender Day of Remembrance with Peppermint and a little Sia

Honoring the Transgender Day of Remembrance, NMAC (formerly known as the National Minority AIDS Council) has just released a tender tribute to transgender women of color, including those taken from us too soon. 

Peppermint, Mila Jam, and Deja “The Lady Deja Davenport” Smith star in the vid, set to Sia’s song “Alive.” Shot in New York City, the video features transgender women of color going about their everyday lives. Friends and family of other transgender people appear as well, honoring their fallen loves.

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“Today is an important day for us all to reflect on those who we lost, and celebrate those who are still here,” Peppermint says of the project. “The video either directly or indirectly addresses the lives of Trans People of Color, who are still today affected by an incredible amount of grief. It truly is life imitating art. And as heavy as this is on my heart, being able to gather with friends and fellow artists to create this meaningful video feels wonderful.”

Directed & choreographed by John Alix, the video celebrates transgender women, love and life. It also calls viewers to action: transpeople are here, beautiful, and deserve life & happiness as much as anyone else.

Take a moment. Have a look. Feel your heart swell, and remember.