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WATCH: Celebrating five years of marriage equality ‘Out in Texas’ chronicles two queer families

Anyone needing something a bit uplifting to the spirits–and let’s face it, right now we all do–check out this new digital series from Family EqualityOut in Texas chronicles two same-sex couples, Phillip & Greg and Stacey & Cheralyn, as they raise a family in deep Texas.

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Out in Texas shares the stories of how each couple came together, and how the 2015 Supreme Court victory that ushered in marriage equality helped them begin their lives together. The series also chronicles their road to parenthood, with one couple using surrogacy, and the other, adoption. Out in Texas also details the unique problems LGBTQ families face, both in terms of social stigma, and in terms of developing a paradigm for other couples to follow.

Founded in 1979, Family Equality drives policy and social change to encourage acceptance of same-sex led families.

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