Watch Chaos Erupt On GOP Convention Floor As “Never Trump” Movement Is Squelched


It was always a long shot, but a vocal minority of Republican delegates were holding onto hope that they could move their party away from the near-certain, and now completely-certain nomination of one Donald John Trump, Sr.

In the early hours of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Trump opponents attempted to force a roll call vote of all 2,472 of the convention delegates on the proposed rules.

Those rules, written last week, require pledged delegates to vote according to the results of their states’ primaries and caucuses, virtually clinching the nom for Don.

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“Never Trumpers” thought they had the required signatures to force a full vote on the topic, but after a voice vote within the hall, the presiding official — Rep. Steve Womack — declared the rules were approved.

That’s when all hell broke loose, with the opponents clearly feeling their voices were being unfairly squashed.

At one point, Womback actually walked off the stage amid screams of protest.

Soon he returned to call another voice vote, which he again called in favor of the convention rules as they are.

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“We are now in uncharted territory. Somebody owes us an explanation. I have never seen the chair abandoned like that. They vacated the stage entirely,” said Utah Sen. Mike Lee, one of the biggest players in the move for a roll call vote.

“It’s coercion masking as unity,” Lee said later.

The Republicans have made their bed, and now we all have to Trump in it. It’s going to be one hell of a general election.

Grab the popcorn and watch the drama unfold below:

h/t Politico