WATCH: Cher Commands The Stage At New York City’s Dance On The Pier

Several thousand gay men were brought to their knees in a collective gaygasm this weekend as Cher, the Goddess of all things Pop, took the stage at New York City’s Dance on the Pier.

The giant outdoor event has boasted headlining performances from Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and Jennifer Lopez in the past, but after the historical DOMA and Prop 8 decisions, Cher was really the only appropriate choice. New York’s weeklong Pride festivities have historically culminated in this very performance, and Cher totally delivered.

Check out video of the 67-year-old diva commanding the stage above, as well as footage of the night’s opening diva Deborah Cox, and an exciting introduction by Whoopi Goldberg. If you’re sad about missing it in person, feel better knowing that you can watch it now without hundreds of sweaty drunk people singing into the back of your head.

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