WATCH: Cheyenne Jackson And David Burtka Find True, Christian Love On False Pretenses

The recently separated Cheyenne Jackson and the other Mr. Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, star in a Funny or Die clip poking some fun at the Jesus-loving lovers of Being deeply closeted is no reason to stay single, not when you can just “gayme game the system.”

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  • ncman

    If they love pleated front pants, why aren’t they wearing them?

  • Polaro

    Too funny!!!

  • ZeeZee

    Hahaha Christian Mingle- owned by the people who run JDate.
    Too funny.

  • Gordon

    Made my day! Laughing my butt off. Bravo/a!

  • EvonCook

    Thank you NCMAN, my question was also why weren’t they in some great pleated pants, although no pants at all would have been much better –but then it wouldn’t be christian, right?

  • Victor_in_PA

    @ncman: That’s all part of the joke. No self-respecting (un-closeted) gay man would be caught dead in a pair of pleated pants, much less khakis!

  • yaoming

    @ncman: I don’t think they make pleated-front khakis anymore, do they?

  • queerty1958

    Funny video! is owned by Spark Networks. They many special-interest online personal sites,such as,,,,, and; it also owns the general-interest site

    It’s not about finding God’s match for you. It’s all about the money. We of course, already knew that.

  • LadyL

    Oh, THANK you!
    I am so SICK of my favorite sitcoms being continually interrupted by those damn commercials! Now the next time I see them I’ll chuckle thinking of this Funny or Die parody.
    And the thought of gay men in pleated khakis.

  • Dxley

    So Cheyenne is getting divorced? For some reason, I’m not surprised. I’ve always thought that Monte guy was too good for him. Let’s face it, Cheyenne is a horny bastard who likes dick. He likes it down his throat, up his ass and I’m sure after he comes, he sleeps while it’s still inside of him(stolen from Queer As Folk’s Brian). He’s now found himself a hot young thing with no brain, at least Monte is a physicist. He’s handsome, talented but he’s also a hot mess. Controlled by his love for dick. I wonder if he’s gonna remove that tattoo he had done for Monte. I just hope Neil Patrick Harris watches out or before he knows it, Cheyenne would have gone down in on David. I’ve lost all faith in Cheyenne!!!

  • EvonCook

    @Victor_in_PA: So sorry you are such a fashion victim and have so little appreciation for the luxury of fabric and style of pleated trousers –are you really gay? I probably have been out since before you were in diapers and can only laugh at the gullible stupidity of the pleat-phobic crowd. Wait and see how long it takes for the almighty taste arbiters to proclaim pleats as the next greatest thing so pathetic suckers with no sense of their own style can all runout and but the latest “up to date” fashion and of course, condemn and throw out their non-pleats! lol This is an example of the shallow, desperate and embarrassing part of the gay community.

  • EvonCook

    @yaoming: Perhaps they don’t in the boondocks, but yes, pleated trousers are still being made and easily found in fine stores everywhere, just not establishments geared to the “in sync crowd” I guess who swallow every Details or GQ commercial word as gospel.

  • MMDD

    Funny, but why is it that the screenshot shows two WOMEN kissing instead of Cheyenne and David, especially given that the women don’t even appear until close to the end of the video? Oh wait…never mind. Lesbians kissing is hot, and gay men kissing is not. How silly of me!

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