WATCH: Chiseled Sex Robots From Hell Meet Barbra Streisand In Creepy/Hot Ad

Papa, can you hear me — papa, can you help me not be friiiiiiiighteeeeened? The Papa Party, an international kiki that started in Tel Aviv before grinding its way through Europe, kicked off its World Tour in New York last night. Beginning on October 11 through February 2, the Papa World Tour will inspire questionable decisions from Rome to Taipei and to publicize said world tour, the queens behind it threw together this ludicrous, stunning, indecipherable commercial that looks like some gay Russian circus run amok through Patricia Field before a gang bang on Fire Island —  i.e., perfection.


Beginning with an all right rendition of Babs Streisand’s “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” from her seminal cross-dressing opus, Yentl, we’re then introduced to some muscular, dead-eyed gorgeous specimen I’m not convinced is not a robot. [Ed. note: it’s actually Eliad Cohen. Android Eliad Cohen.]


Look at his eyes! They never blink.


….Where was I again? Oh, right, the soulless automaton hunk from hell. Here he is coming to life, in a lace boxer brief:


Sure, it’s easy to get dragged in:


He’ll even help you — and what are you gonna do when he pulls you in?


Probably not a damn thing because this is happening:

papa-6And then shit gets weird. I mean, weirder. He’s got some fellow chiseleds of the corn waiting for you!

papa-5But then they rub him down in what appears to be blood but is probably fluorescent lube, seemingly subduing him:

papa-9Well, that was a close one…or was it?

papa-11After watching that I have no idea what happened, but I want more of it. Papa, can you feel me in the night?


Close enough.

h/t: Joe. My. God.