Sinatra Sing-Off

WATCH: Chris Pine Is Even Hotter When He Sings

Game on, boys: it’s the Dueling Hottie Sinatra Sing-Off! We melted with Jonathan Groff sat down with Peter Travers on ABC’s chat show Popcorn and sang Frank Sinatra’s “I Fall In Love Too Easily.” But now we may just drop dead after watching Chris Pine on Jimmy Kimmel Live, crooning Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon.”

Who knew Pine had such a nice voice? We’re certainly thrilled that he does, since he recently wrapped filming of the brilliant Stephen Sondheim musical Into The Woods, in which he plays Cinderella’s Prince. Now that he has proven he’s got the chops, we’re even more excited to see the movie, although we have to wait until Christmas. So until then, let’s just live in the moment with this clip and pretend when he grabs Jimmy Kimmel’s hand, he’s really holding ours.

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