Sinatra Sing-Off

WATCH: Chris Pine Is Even Hotter When He Sings

Game on, boys: it’s the Dueling Hottie Sinatra Sing-Off! We melted with Jonathan Groff sat down with Peter Travers on ABC’s chat show Popcorn and sang Frank Sinatra’s “I Fall In Love Too Easily.” But now we may just drop dead after watching Chris Pine on Jimmy Kimmel Live, crooning Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon.”

Who knew Pine had such a nice voice? We’re certainly thrilled that he does, since he recently wrapped filming of the brilliant Stephen Sondheim musical Into The Woods, in which he plays Cinderella’s Prince. Now that he has proven he’s got the chops, we’re even more excited to see the movie, although we have to wait until Christmas. So until then, let’s just live in the moment with this clip and pretend when he grabs Jimmy Kimmel’s hand, he’s really holding ours.

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  • MikeE

    He sings in tune. That’s pretty much it.
    His voice is what any average man could pull off.
    I’m extremely leery of just how they’re going to mangle Into the Woods.

    Chris Pine, an actor I actually really appreciate, has one of the more difficult singing roles in the show: Cinderella’s Prince. It’s not “crooning” music, so no one should be impressed with his little Sinatra impression, and then expect him to be brilliant in Sondheim.

  • Uppity

    Nope, the average man can not croon like that. That was actually very pleasant singing. I’ll look forward to hearing him do more.

  • MikeE

    @Uppity: yeah, actually, the average man CAN croon like that. I’ve been teaching voice for over 30 years. It takes very little work to get to that simple stage of holding a tune.

    Meanwhile, Chris Pine, while a wonderful person, a fun actor to watch, and a very handsome man and all that, is not a singer. He has no voice, no depth, no carrying power, no projection.

    Regardless of what Meryl Streep thinks, he isn’t an “excellent singer”. He isn’t even a “proficient singer”. He has no business whatsoever taking on musical roles in films. (on the topic of Meryl Streep: while I love her as an actress and admire her courage at taking a singing role in Mamma Mia, she is also not a singer and has no business taking on serious singing roles. Hollywood has its collective head stuck up its collective arse. it insists on casting non-singers in singing roles. one need only look at Sweeney Todd or Les Misérables.)

    And yes, I’ve heard Chris Pine sing elsewhere (his audition tapes for Into the Woods). He has the kind of voice that requires a microphone shoved up his nose to be heard.


    This worship of mediocrity is the downfall of American culture.
    No longer is “good” something to be admired.
    Now it’s “popular”. Who cares if it’s good. Or even “passable”.

  • NoelG

    @MikeE Please be quiet. If anything is the downfall of American culture, it is people like you who take overblown, absolutist positions on subjective matters.

  • MikeE

    @NoelG: You’re absolutely right. no one who disagrees with you should be permitted to speak, right?

    The downfall of American culture has nothing to do with people with standards. It has to do with classless neanderthals like you who will scream bravo at the slightest burp of a celebrity.

  • JasonBrownUK

    He could sing me a lullaby every night *sigh*

  • tazz602

    He should have done Rocket Man – LOL

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