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WATCH: Christopher Meloni says he’s “Fire Island ready” after getting oiled up

Christopher “I catch flies with my ass cheeks” Meloni is certainly having a moment, and nobody seems to be enjoying it more than Meloni himself.

Not long after gracing the world with his glute workout (and so much more) in Men’s Health, Meloni took to Instagram to…well…”slather up”.

“I was/am fire island ready,” the 60-year-old actor captioned this behind-the-scenes video, adding “#SlatherItUp”:

“Marsha,” Meloni said in a follow-up post directed towards his Law and Order costar Mariska Hargitay. “I’ve been told I broke the internet. Do you have any Scotch Tape or glue? I hope you’re feeling good. Ciao.”

Hartigay apparently came through on the request, as evidenced by this next post from Meloni.

“Marsha,” he begins again. “I got the crazy glue. Thank you. But I found something — does it belong to you? She says she knows you.”

Then Meloni pans to none other than Oscar, Emmy and Tony-winner Ellen Burstyn, who also played Meloni’s mother on Law and Order.

“Hi, it’s me!” Burstyn says.

Your move, Marsha.