WATCH: Clay Aiken, Tony Perkins, Ted Olson Weigh In On Marriage Equality On Face The Nation

Like GLAAD, we can’t stand how the mainstream media will offer a platform to extremists like Family Research Council leader and failed politician Tony Perkins just to have a divergent voice. Maybe it’s saying something that the only people they can usually find to attack marriage equality are extremist hatemongers out of step with America who just hate gay people, period?

So we were less than tickled to see that Perkins was invited on CBS’ Face the Nation this weekend to give his weaselly opinion on President Obama’s gay-marriage announcement.

“I think that Barack Obama has helped fit that missing piece of intensity that Mitt Romney is going to need,” Perkins opined, suggesting voters will flee the President in droves now that he’s stepped up for equality.  “I don’t think the president did a political calculus to do this because if he did, he needs to go back to the calculator because it’s a bad formula.”

Besides Perkins, host Bob Schieffer interviewed  someone with a little more right to be there: Former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson, who argued against Prop 8 in the landmark Perry v. Schwarzenegger case. “I don’t know about politics,” Olson said about how the President’s message will affect his reelection bid. “I do know about human rights, and constitutional rights, and on that basis I think the President did the right thing—and I’m very glad he did it.”

Though they weren’t all on the same page, the other guests had the credentials to weigh in, as well: Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Freedom to Marry’s Evan Wolfson, political strategist Mark McKinnon, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) and Clay Aiken.

Actually, of the group, Aiken had the most right to be there: He’s a gay dad from North Carolina. Amendment One’s passage directly threatens the well-being of his family.

Speaking about the amendment, Aiken was more optimistic than we: “I think as people in North Carolina start to look at this amendment and realize what it’s doing, not just for same-sex couples but for straight couples as well, they’re going to reject it,” he told host Bob Schieffer.

Aiken also likened the situation to an amendment decades earlier in North Carolina that banned interracial marriage: “I really believe that in the next 20 years we’re going to look back on this and be sort of ashamed of the fact that we were against this, just as we are ashamed today that we didn’t let people of different races get married.”

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  • Daniel

    Clay has really turned into someone I can be proud of. He is also representing well on Celebrity Apprentice and looks to be the favorite to win it next week.

  • Benjy

    Aiken also spoke quite eloquently on Piers Morgan & The Ed Show this week. I knew once he came out he’d step up to the plate as he has always been a newshound & an advocate
    for the underdog. Some of his interviews about his UNICEF work & his foundation had me dropping my jaw with respect. Rooting for his charity to run away with it all from the Dumpster.

  • jeff4justice

    Sorry Clay, I am not more energized to vote for Obama.

    But just like Obama’s election was overshadowed by Prop. 8 passing in California, his voiced support of equality is overshadowed by all the evil he’s done.

    I cannot support Obama’s attack on civil liberties, the war, the drug war, the immigrant war, his attack on the environment, his expansion of government secrecy, his attack on protestor rights, his signing the NDAA (indefinite detention of US Citizens without trial), the killing of US citizens without trail, and on and on.

    I’ll vote for a better alternative party candidate instead instead of wasting my vote on the futile corporately controlled 2party system.

  • togo

    @jeff4justice: I have to agree. Clay spoke eloquently and from the heart, but I can’t vote for Obama. It just looked like a political move, a huge fund raiser, and the fifth time he’s changed his mind on this subject since 1995. Some butt kissers might call it evolving, but the real name is flip-flopping for political gain.

  • wkpent

    I love the comparison to bans in the 70’s of interracial couples getting married. Makes you want to agree simply knowing how silly we feel looking back at prior bans.

    I also love that the president has made a public declaration in support of gay marriage because this does have a large effect on many people who support Obama and the Democratic party. Encourages them to re-evaluate earlier beliefs and linked with comparisons to the 70’s bans on interracial marriages all in all is going to make the lives of many LGBT smoother. Even psychologically this support has to help people hating themselves for same sex attractions hopefully hate a little less. Giving a child coming to terms with this fighting animosity from friends/family/parents confirmation that they aren’t crazy or an abomination. Maybe even some that can’t imagine sharing it with someone else may just realize there are worst things in life then admitting you are attracted to the same sex. Certainly a good step in the right direction. Internationally speaking this is HUGE to have the President of the United States in support of GLBT rights as the forefront of human rights, especially when you have countries like Uruguay trying to pass laws that sentence “homosexuals to death” and dictators in places like Iran actually doing the killing. The leader of the free world is hope to people in countries like that.

    Obama’s record on action isn’t so bright. The resistance and length of time it took to have Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed will forever linger in my mind regarding promises he makes to the gay community, and inaction that follows through stalling. His Department of Justice has had many things to say in response to denying appeals to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), comparing same sex relations to incest and sex with animals.

    But its nice to know he has said it, stands vocally on our side of the fence, and see all the many people who get to hear his voice that will never hear ours. So THANK YOU OBAMA, I still don’t love ya but I like you enough through this that I just may not vote 3rd party lol

  • freddie

    @togo: When President Romney passes the Federal Marriage Amendment, I don’t want to hear a peep outta you!

  • Jorval

    What is it with all these reincarnated Jews for Hitler that post on here?!?

    They don’t like things Obama has done. They bitch he hasn’t done enough. And then… in an act of sheer brilliance toss their votes away on a third party or plan to vote for Romney.

    What a great idea! Toss out the gay-friendly candidate and vote in the gay-basher! Like I said…reincarnated Jews for Hitler.

    So pathetic. I sincerely hope these Obama bashers are single, because I have nothing but sympathy for anyone involved with such whiny, self-absorbed, delusional, vindictive morons. Apparently their Daddies didn’t get them ponies when they were boys.

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