WATCH: Clint Eastwood Talks To Ellen About “Senile” RNC Chair Speech

Clint Eastwood paid a visit to everyone’s favorite lesbian daytime talk show host to discuss his views on gay marriage and that infamous speech at the Republican National Convention.

“The Democrats who were watching thought I was going senile and the Republicans knew I was,” Eastwood joked to Ellen Degeneres about his “chair speech” at the RNC last month. Though backing Mitt Romney, Eastwood insisted that he is a libertarian, meaning he’s socially liberal but he believes in “fiscal responsibility” and the “government staying out of your life.” [Ed. note: “Get off my lawn!“]

The Oscar-winner had made his views on gay marriage perfectly queer clear last year when he told GQ, “I don’t give a fuck about who wants to get married to anybody else!” Eastwood kept the potty mouth at home this time around but reaffirmed his support for marriage equality, saying that he believes in the “leave everybody alone” libertarian ideal — [Ed. note: Seriously, get off his lawn, you guys.] — and that there are other, more pressing issues to be discussed, such as “the high unemployment rates, the tremendous debt we’re increasing and the government spending.”

Presumably Mr. Eastwood would also like to discuss the fact that nobody’s leaving anybody alone. That discussion, however, will take place between an empty lawn chair and Clint’s cocked and loaded shotgun. Get off his lawn chair, metaphorical Obama!