Election 2020

WATCH: Clip of Mike Bloomberg “enjoying” his Big Gay Ice Cream is a cringe

Michael Bloomberg loves his ice cream, and Big Gay Ice Cream is his favorite.

The billionaire presidential hopeful this week released a “comprehensive policy to ensure LGBTQ+ equality” which targets areas such as health care and workplace discrimination.

And however you feel about his late-stage candidacy, it’s nice that he’s speaking about queer issues.

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“Over the past three years, the Trump administration has acted to dismantle federal protections and resources for LGBTQ+ Americans, including stripping transgender people of their recognized identities and civil rights and nominating judges and officials with strong anti-LGBTQ+ records,” his plan reads. You can read more about that here.

But the accompanying tweet — a video of Bloomberg enjoying (enjoying? is that the face of enjoyment?) a bite of Big Gay Ice Cream, has caused some furrowed brows.

“Heart eyes emoji, Pride flag emoji, ice cream emoji,” reads the substantive caption accompanying the odd clip:

We’re guessing this isn’t the reaction the campaign was aiming for: