WATCH: Clothing’s Optional In Richmond Ham’s “Cheeky” Commercial

Even our kosher and vegetarian friends might consider switching teams for a piece of Richmond ham, which apparently is so good and natural, folks are forgetting to get dressed in pursuit of it.

(NSFW warning: There are some momentary shots of bare bums, but keep in mind this ran on British TV and YouTube, so it’s hardly risqué.)

Source: Square Hippies

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  • Chris

    If we could be this liberated in the US.

  • Olive Austin

    I’d rather see a German sausage advertisement.

  • Johnny


  • BlindedNYC

    Unfortuntely, i think we’re more likely to see a live televised murder on tv than a bunch of naked people in a field.

  • BlindedNYC

    In the US i mean

  • jason

    Corporate America is quite afraid of male sexuality and its offshoots, such as male nudity. American social commentators are too willing to attach a sexuality to male nudity – ie calling it gay – when, in fact, male nudity has no sexuality.

  • Velocifero

    Nudists singing about the virtues of slaughtered pig meat. Kinda weird. Just because you put
    nude guys in a commercial makes this creative or liberal.

  • Jake

    Very hot! I wish they had full frontal nudity.

  • Kieran

    His ham looks delicious.

  • Chris

    The sausages are bloody disgusting, the ham is unlikely to be much better…

  • billeeboy

    Yawn……Call me when they do a commercial with full frontal nudity…….

  • Rory

    I haven’t seen this on British TV …. and if it was it would probably have been run after watershed … so 9 O’ Clock …. we’re kind of prudish in the UK compared to the rest of Europe haha

  • Sea of Blue

    Does that guys ass look funny to you?

  • NateOcean

    Strange. I want to eat meat, yet I’m vegetarian.

  • Mark

    @Rory: Nope, it’s played during the day, I’ve seen it

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