WATCH: CNBC’s Suze Orman Spells Out The Economics Of Marriage Inequality

Out financial guru Suze Orman is dedicating tonight’s episode of her CNBC show to the economic impact that marriage equality has on LGBT couples, including estate taxes, health insurance pensions, and social security.

“I am asking all of you to join in on this fight, so to speak, that we have,” she says on the epsiode, “Marriage equality, the ability to get married—should be a right for every single person in America regardless of sexual orientation.”

There’s a special significance here: Orman’s audience isn’t the usual Glee-watching teens and twentysomethings who expect to get a pitch for tolerance and gay equality. And let’s face it, high taxes and financial burdens are issues conservatives can appreciate easier than progressive politics.

The Suze Orman Show airs Saturdays at 9pm on CNBC

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  • Clockwork

    While were at: Many GLBT people will remain single even with marriage equality and will be paying a higher tax rate on the same income.

    Just as the Equal Protection Clause is used to support gay marriage, the same Equal Protection Clause should be used to stop the discriminatory practice of collecting higher taxes from individuals simply because they are NOT married.

  • darkorient

    Amazing lady

  • jeff4justice

    Love me some Suze Orman.


    1) The next time she’s on a panel hosted by Tavis Smiley talking about the plight of the poor perhaps she can remind Tavis of this – since he’s on the record as being opposed to marrige equality.

    2) Indeed single people should not be discriminated any more than married people. Same goes for people without kids. Most of all, how can we get the corporately-controlled 2party system’s government out of our personal business as much as possible?

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    Something Liberals will never understand or at least admit. Always pretending that there’s some fictitious place where big government works just great.

    The bigger the government the bigger the waste, corruption and abuse. DOWNSIZE GOVERNMENT AND DRY UP THE WELL. So you REALLY need someone to tell you soda is fattening, that your kid can’t drive your family tractor without a government school special program, that you must follow THEIR rules for feeding your kid lunch, and at the other end of the spectrum…. while they fine oil refiner companies for not adding some non existent bio fuel crap into the gas that doesn’t exist and pass on the cost of lawsuits THEN bash them for “profits” ignoring the expense they themselves impose?

    Big government bureaucracies are nothing but thieves and fascists. It amazes me how few citizens respect their OWN money and LOVE giving it to the government as they ignore their freedoms eroding away.

    Maybe Suzie can do a show on THAT. Oh wait. BIGGGGG Obama supporter. I forgot.

  • Kamikapse


    Yeah right… We’ve seen in 2008 that small government and no regulation is the solution for everything.
    I’m sure the banks will play nice.. why wouldn’t they?

  • Dinodogstar

    Sorry Lady Gaga, Janet, Madonna, whoever, I’m one big homo who has nominated a new star for the coveted role of the current reigning idolized queen…,,Ms. Orman—— the-new-now-gay-guys’-iconic-diva; AND she’s also on the team..! haters hate on, if you must.

  • Steve

    Suzie Orman is nothing but a beaver-eateing 2 bit slug that hocks her angry testorone lesbian mouth at the masses. Get a real job and dentures.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    @Steve: that bullshit besides being offensive

  • 1equalityUSA

    Right on, Ms. Orman. Thank you for using your voice to speak out about the financial burden of discrimination.

  • SteveC

    Tax breaks for married couples discriminates against single people.

    While I whole heartedly support marriage equality, I utterly resent the idea that because I am a single person I need to pay higher taxes than a married person.

  • jeff4justice

    @Kamikapse: Are we talking about the same banks bailed out by the 2party system and now funding the 2party system?

    Obama’s “regulations” = Monsanto heads getting appointed to the FDA and his EPA railing acceptable radiation standards after the Japan nuc meltdown. Not to mention continuation of poorly regulated offshore deep drilling for oil.

    If you want regulation by a government at least have the decency to vote for the Green Party since they do not accept corporate funds and are not bought and paid for by the corporations like the Democrats and Republicans.

  • bryan

    somebody needs to tape this episode and send it to wisconsin’s lieutenant governor, rebecca kleefisch, who has said marriage equality for non-heterosexual couples would be a “fiscal back-breaker” and “would lead to people marrying clocks and tables”.

    ig’nant. straight ig’nant.

  • Clockwork

    >Tax breaks for married couples discriminates against single people.

    Amen brother!

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