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WATCH: CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Rips Gay-Hater Tony Perkins A New One

Oh, hell yes, Brooke Baldwin! Yesterday, the CNN newsanchor (and our new personal hero) gave a sublime one-two punch interview with Tony Perkins, president of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council. As Perkins rattled off his usual virulent views against gay marriage, Baldwin (whom we’d opposite-sex marry) systematically discredited every utterance out of his mouth with statistical fact. As her questions got more focused, she remained poised and glamorous, while Perkins grew more visibly agitated, resorting to his inane auto-pilot rumblings about threats to religious liberties and how kids suffer.

GLAAD released an excellent statement praising the interview, breaking down how succinctly Baldwin revealed Perkins’ true nature. Ever since President Obama announced his support for marriage equality, Perkins has been masquerading as a credible political pundit on America’s top news outlets. Baldwin’s classy line of questioning finally allowed Perkins to reveal himself to the wider American public as what he truly is: a liar, a bigot, a fear-mongerer and a hypocrite who is quaking with hate.

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  • kendoll

    Would be funny if he said the real poll that matters is when bigots stop sending us piles of their money.

  • Me

    To queerty: is their anyway to start loading videos so that the many people who have idevices can view it? Thanks.

  • Jay

    I really wish people would call this guy on his lies…I would love if he came to our house for dinner

  • hudson

    There is no reasoning with this sort- they will not open their minds one iota to consider other possibilities. Its not personal? Damn right is is Mr Perkins.

    Do these idiots have a martyrdom fetish? Why would his kind go on a network like CNN and not expect to be raked over the coals?

  • mike

    if they’re so big on tradition, why is polygamy outlawed and women not traded as property anymore?

  • doug105

    While I’am sure you cook well,I’d rather he had dinner with Hannibal Lecter.

  • Stupid

    She made him look like the fool and the bigot he is.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Marriage is a contractual, secular arrangement that is being withheld from some Americans, for whom discrimination is evident. If you take the religious beliefs of Mr. Perkins out of the equation, inequality exists and cannot be rectified in civil law, no matter how hard he thumps his Bible.

    Equality and freedom from others’ religious doctrine must be preserved. Politicizing religion is dangerous and will eventually harm the very people currently attempting to coerce civil law with their deeply held beliefs. Politicizing religion will harm religion. Wisdom would want Separation of Church and State, so that compromise is achieved with discovery, not political whim.

    Spirituality has a place in American life, but the doctrine of some compatriots should not be forced onto all society, as it then becomes oppression. Christians that resort to oppression have little faith. If taught properly, the Word could transform hearts. Religious leaders, tugging on politicians, show little Wisdom. Laws rendered through coercion are doomed to fail, to be over-turned in time. A transformed heart is a new creature that goes on to produce abundant fruit. Futile laws brought about by political might and religious coercion are like striving for the wind and feeding on it. It is empty and a waste of the Church’s resources. Dabbling in politics will yield unrecognizable fruit and more importantly, set a precedence that will turn around and harm the Church in the end. Compromise, in doctrine, must be achieved through discovery, not political whim. Separation of Church and State has never been more relevant. Intertwining the two will not yield good results for either. Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States must recognize the danger of coercing civil laws with the deeply revered doctrines of some Americans. Spiritually-minded teachers would not use politics to spread the Word. Jesus was above politics and so, the Church must rise above this form of power, if it is rooted in Christ.

  • benny

    There is nothing “family” about the family research council. All itdoes is breed hate which can break up families.

  • 1equalityUSA

    “Family” is like the new “F” word. They’ve taken the word “family,” the bastion of comfort and security, and turned it into an oppressive group of haters. They have redefined “family” from the 5000 year old traditional sense of the word.

  • Alex

    Family Research Council: “It is only the important polls that matter.” (The ones they make up the statistics to.)

  • Chad

    WOAH. we don’t have a right to take away his religious freedom? NO he does not have a right to use his religion freedom to take away my rights.

  • LaTeesha

    I love how he criticizes no-fault divorce. The divorce law concept first legalized by none other than Ronald Reagan. Ha. Ha. Ha. Tony, Tony, Tone-Bone. You’re shitting your pants, Dude, if you’re turning to bashing Reagan. A lot of Republicans ain’t gonna like that strategy.

  • WillBFair

    Are you kidding? He won every point, into 5 minutes, after which I couldn’t watch any more. Although her lime green dress and highlights probably had you nicely hypnotized. This is exactly why things are taking so long. Because gay culture is too obsessed with the shiney object to recognize competence.

  • bee

    He keeps bringing up African American religious figures who are on his side, but really, he wouldn’t go near them if it weren’t for their mutual homophobia, he doesn’t care about black people and probably hates them as much as he hates gays. “Redefining” marriage will have no effect on HIS marriage if he minded his own damn business. He could teach his kids whatever the hell he wants, but to prevent someone from marrying because of his dubious religious beliefs is some idiotic bullshit. He’s trash and good for Brooke for not catering to him in the accomodating way he usually gets treated by reporters on CNN.

  • Sansacro

    @WillBFair: Exactly, and you prove the point: He flashly cited vague “scientific” claims and legal repercussions with not specific data to back up those vague generalities.

    i LOVE how these people pose as experts with no substance to back up their claims. In fact the research does NOT back up his claims. Look it up.

    Begin here: then go to the library and search the social science databases. That is if you really care.

    Oh those poor poor persecuted Christians! Suffer the Children. As if. . . .

  • Sansacro

    @WillBFair: Exactly, and you prove the point: He flashly cited vague “scientific” claims and alarmist legal repercussions with no specific data to back up those fantastic generalities.

    i LOVE how these people pose as experts–and they MUST be experts with their clean-cut scrubbed faces and articulate middle-American diction–with no substance to back up their claims. In fact, the research does NOT back up this faux Christian Ken Doll’s claims. Look it up.

    Begin here:; then go to the library and search the social science databases. That is if you really care.

    Oh those poor poor persecuted Christians! Suffer the Children. As if. . . .

  • Kayo

    These african american religious leaders that don’t support marriage equality should have their rights to marry non-blacks and slavery freedom stripped for a few days to see how it feels…


    He said it’s not personal YET he said shit like “EYE am not going to sit back and them dictate what MY children are taught in school.”

    WTF? Sounds VERY personal to me…

  • 1equalityUSA

    Kayo, It will not stop at same-sex marriage bans, they will continue on molding society in their own vision at the expense of anyone deemed, “undesirable.” Very dangerous. We should not have to live under any person’s religious doctrine. Rights extended to some, but not all is intolerable. See how the bogus polygamy argument slipped in there? Polygamy is banned to all, straight and LGBT, whereas, marriage rights are withheld from Americans deemed, “unpopular” by these religious groups. They will lose. Our society is protected from religious doctrines being forced upon us. The 5000 year marriage data was also confabulation. When a group resorts to lying to bolster there stance, it means they haven’t a legal leg to stand on, so stir up fear and loathing instead.

  • Woody

    Perkins ended by stating that the definition of marriage has been, for 5000 years, between a man and a woman. Really? What about poligamy? The mythology of the bible approved of poligamy (and slavery) 2000 years ago because society defined these practices as acceptable during the previous 3000 years. 5000 years ago, same-sex love was accepted as a reality and practiced in many cultures. 5000 years ago man began an attempt to control the masses using religion/mythology by defining what was thought at that time to be correct. We as intelligent beings are evolving and will continue to evolve by realizing that freedom and equality for all is truth and that all religions are in fact mythology.

  • Alexa

    This is the second time recently Perkins has been bested on TV (third if you include Clay Aiken on Face The Nation). Only a few weeks ago he was still being treated like a real expert, things are changing.

  • Robert Ellison

    @Kayo: This is exactly what takes us off topic and into the ridiculous. Not being able to marry someone of the same gender legally isn’t the same as SLAVERY. Statements like that are exactly what creates resentment. SMH

  • Robert Ellison

    To be honest, I really don’t see where she ripped him a new one. From watching the video I can come to a clear conclusion that she herself thinks Tony Perkins’ outlook on Gays and marriage equality is ridiculous and irrational, but I didn’t witness a smack down. Tony Perkins was yet again successful at using a major media platform to spread his lies, propaganda, hypocrisy and hate. He totally went unchallenged about parenting and his claims that social science backs him up and about how churches lose their tax exemption status because of denying gay couples a marriage ceremony. He’s a bold faced liar and his lies went unchallenged here. Unfortunately he won here.

  • John Williams

    She didn’t challenge one thing that I believe is inaccurate: Has any religious organization or entity actually lost it’s tax-exempt status because it refused to perform same-sex unions? I think Perkins flat-out lied. Seriously–that seems totally inaccurate. No law in this country is going to tell a religious group that does not approve of same sex marriage that they must perform them. We’re not passing laws that prevent free practice of religion; we’re trying to pass laws that guarantee equal CIVIL rights. Please–if I’m wrong, and someone has lost their tax exemption on this basis, I’d like to know about it. I hope someone will chime in and correct me if I’m wrong. My church does perform same sex marriages; the law cannot tell us not to do that, where it is legal to do so. By the same token, I don’t believe the law can tell some other church that abhors same sex marriage that they must perform a religious rite blessing that. I certainly don’t want anyone forced to do anything against their religious principles! To do so, would open the door to their forcing me and my denomination to do something against our religious beliefs and principles.

  • Smilessz

    Tony Perkins said that same-sex marriage takes away his religious rights.
    Well, what about my rights?
    That selfish b-word.
    He talks about publicity, and sure there’s a lot of people that agree with him,
    but think about it, there’s also a whole ton more who disagree.
    He’s not thinking about publicity at all.
    Just cause he’s in “government power”, he can speak his mind upon this.
    Now, let someone homo step up and speak their mind so the world can hear it as well.

  • Emma

    um, excuse me? if you are talking about religious freedom, then that should apply to all religious, and atheism. Not everyone is christian, so not everyone believes that homosexuality is wrong. Just because you BELIEVE something, doesn’t make it true. So why are you pushing for all people to believe that being gay and gay marriage is wrong, when it’s not NECESSARILY true?

  • Emma

    and, it’s not taking away your religious freedom if two dudes get married. just sayin’.

  • Nikkidane

    I wonder exactly what sociological studies Mr. Perkins is referring regarding children of gay parents not functioning as well as children with a mom and dad? I think the Rand Corporation did a study a couple of years ago and found there was no statistical difference except that children of lesbian couples actually functioned better…lol.
    Does he actually think with a 50% divorce rate in this country that children are better in homes with parental fighting, abuse, drugs and alcohol, father who refuses to work etc. just because we have a man and woman calling themselves parents?
    Perkins also discredits the millions of single parent homes raising wonderful well adjusted children all over this country.
    I suppose Perkins would rather have a child stuck in foster care or state funded orphanges rather than having a loving family regardless of the gender of the parents.
    Also, the only church businesses that have lost their tax exempt status are ones that take taxpayer money but continue to discriminate by denying services to GLBT folks.
    I really wonder why Tony Perkins is so friggin obsessed with gay people? Is he trying to hide something? You’ve gotta wonder.

  • Garrett

    I’m sorry but how can he say this is not personal? Of course its personal. He’s trying to take away our rights to marry. Idiot. Brooke Baldwin made him look like an absolute fool. :D Besides; we aren’t trying to take away religious freedom either. We’re just trying to make it so that we can get married and have the same rights as straight couples. Geesh. People like him always seem to think that we are trying to take away their religious and civil rights, when all we want is the same rights as they have. He is over-analyzing this issue way too much.

  • Tony

    I really don’t think she “ripped him a new one”. She could have called him out on so many of the ludicrous points and lies he was spewing and didn’t. Like, “hurting his religious freedom” and that “religious instituions would be forced to perform same-sex marriages”. That’s nonsense and plain false. As an interviewer when you let mis-statements and falsehoods pass by they become truth to the ignorant masses.

    I would have asked him why his religious beliefs should be the standard for national policy. What about separation of church and state?

  • Candy

    What it really comes down to is the fact that YOUR *religious* beliefs can not, constitutionally, impact MY CIVIL RIGHTS! Ever heard of that little thing called separation of church and state? Because last I checked it was one of this nation’s founding principals.

  • LaTeesha

    Why does CNN invite such a dishonest person onto its programs – in the first place?

  • james

    best interest of a child is to have parents…. with a job

  • Crysta Lynn

    @Jay: Funny bit is that THEY are BLAMING US for their own damage! THEY damaged marriage, nearly terminally (with divorces) and now blame “the gays” for the damage they themselves did?!?

    And why the hell wasn’t she bringing up the studies that show same sex couples don’t ONLY make for decent parents and home environments (the “damage” comes from hate bags like him making their children feel unsafe and dirtied) but ironically, same sex homes are on average BETTER than “traditional” homes…

  • Astounded

    “A marriage is about a man and a woman.. what it has been for five thousand years.”

    Wow. Obviously, Tony doesn’t read the Bible because Moses had how many wives?

    Just admit it, Tony, you and all those scared Christians are worried that all the money LGBT people have over-paid since the IRS was invented will soon go to them too instead of just you. 1,041 federal benefits is what a “one man and one woman” marriage currently has access to.

    Tell you what Tony, since children are so gosh darn important to you, why is it that so many of you married breeders feel the urge to make children and then toss them aside or even kill them?

    Tony, lets look at some other things mentioned in the Bible. For example, have you every messed around with someone who is not your spouse? There ought to be a law to protect everyone from an obvious offender and once you leave jail will put you on that list. Oh, want a divorce? So sorry, it is illegal.

    Calling America a Christian nation is advocating a Theocracy, which is exactly what these countries are: Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Oman, and Iran.

    If I was you Tony, I’d be very worried that some of those LGBT people might contact their elected representatives and demand any church that posts signs on their property that advocates a certain position or candidate, or tells their sheep, er flock who or what to vote for, to have all their tax-free status removed. Why? Because it is the law and you do not get to see and eat the cake too.

  • Brandon

    I just wanna know why these people’s lives are so bad that they have nothing else to worrying about except us gays and our personal lives…. Id Really Love To Know

  • Brandon

    @Brandon: worry*

  • Heather

    Another hatemonger…yes, Tony Perkins. YOU are who children should look up to.

    This guy is an idiot.

  • Jorval

    Can’t say I’m surprised….

    She didn’t rip him apart though.

    What she should’ve done is simply ask him to cite his sources. I’ve discovered that’s one way to get them to shut up really fast. Calmly and politely ask them for their sources. When they try to sidestep it, repeat the request and keep repeating it until the provide it.

    It’s not unreasonable, right?

    What’s sad is that there are idiots within our community who will vote for the candidates that Perkins plans on voting for….

  • Cam

    People made a mistake in the gay rights argument by, for years, allowing people to say “But it’s my religious belief”.

    People didn’t accept that argument from the Mormons when they discriminated against blacks. People don’t accept that when people want to mutilate women’s genitals and say it’s their religion And they should have been called out as bigots years ago on this issue.

    What really needs to happen now, is that people like Tony Perkins need to stop being invited on CNN every time gay issues are discussed.

  • Susan

    I think she should get more of the same kind of hate mongers in Chattanooa,Tn. We have a Jerk here named David Fowler who spews the same garbage. He needs to be dressed down to the ground.

  • PTBoat

    @Alex: She did a better job than has been done in the past, but I still wonder why any self respecting journalist doesn’t call him out on all of his false assertions that are based on discredited studies.

  • UsualPlayers

    I don’t believe she won either. He pushed all the emotional cues. Children. God. Our way of life. The tools of the animal instinct being triggered.

    Citation of sources will not help. He will cite them, and although they have been discredited (including in the Prop8 trial) he will keep on citing them because he knows this isn’t about logic. Its emotional appeal.

    It will work with some because they want to believe it. That’s the audience he is going after. What bigots, whether racists or homophobes, prey on is the lizard brain in all of us that overwhelms higher thinking functions like logic so that we shut down, stop thinking, and go into survival mode.

    Here’s the reality- almost half of the American public as of a decade ago still had a problem with legalized interracial marriage. Right now, something around 15-20 percent does. This is decades after the legalization of interracial marriage. That’s because the emotional has far more power over us than the logical.

    He shouldn’t be on TV in the first place. The thing that people don’t want to accept in the U.S. is there are limits to speech because what this guy is doing is the equivalent of yelling fire in a theatre in side the brain of the audience. We assume there are always two sides to a logical debate. the problem is that only one of them is having a logical debate in the video. The other is engaged in tribal dog whistles to stimulate an emotional response.

  • Meme k

    Hahahahaaaaa! Was I the one one who laughed so hard when he said “None are for gay marriage” and then “New poll shows opposition is at new low” flashed across the screen? Sooo funny. People should be able to marry who they love. That is basic civil rights. And I am REALLY sad that black pastors are against it as well(being black myself), because it’s like wtf. We just went through this same problem!! How dare they try and deny any other group of people basic rights as a human? Craziness.

  • Mark

    Marriage has been between a man and a women for 5,000 years???? Where did he get his information from?…Same sex marriages have been performed all over the world prior to the founding of ALL RELIGIONS taught by Jesus 2,000 yrs ago…. Christianity didn’t have a firm control until about 3-7 hundred yrs later when they began OUTLAWING same sex marriages….. Roman Empire outlawed December 16, 342 AD, Ancient Egypt outlawed shortly afterward, Mayans and Aztecs, outlawed once conquered…American Indians outlawed by conquers, China, ming dynasty, all of Europe…Every single habitable continent had LEGAL gay marriage at one time…….To me it seems like marriage has ALWAYS been not just between a man and a woman but by 2 adults regardless of gender in love…..They say we don’t have the right to change the definition of marriage….My question is…..Who gave them the right to change the definition of marriage cause according to history someone changed it…..and please don’t say the man that walks on water and comes back from the dead said to do it.

  • Jim Stone

    I think this closeted homophobe is freaking out because he slowly is realizing that he made some poor “life choices” by marrying a woman and having kids knowing full well that he is gay. He is seeing other gay men not follow his path..marrying the people that they actually do love and having a happy healthy life. I see a man full of jealousy-lashing out. It is called “self internal homophobia” Tony-you cannot fool me. I hope you find your way-life is so short..

  • mudgeboy

    I’m gay and I, of course, support marriage equality. But I have to agree with those who point out that Brooke didn’t win the debate: Perkins did. She never really addressed the incorrect statistics that he keeps throwing around gratuitously. If you want to see someone truly smack him down, watch the David Boise v Perkins inteverview: David Boise DOES show Perkins for the “junk scientist” that he is.

  • jerry2011

    He said that we, “don’t have a right to redefine marriage for” Christians, yet they have the right to define it for us? Hypocritical in the extreme. I don’t see how allowing same gender marriages affects opposite gender ones at all. There is a huge disconnect between the two and when I hear about how if same gender ones will lead to marrying ice cream or dogs and cats or the like, it makes me lol. I mean, it is such a slippery slope argument that any college level English class will teach you to avoid.

  • Jim Stone

    I would have asked Tony: “So Tony..are you telling me that if we allow gay people to get married and have the same rights that you and your wife enjoy then straight people will stop getting married and having children?” Huh? I guess his “religious freedom” to continue bullying and discriminating trumps my partner and I of 21 year’s civil rights…
    I also am so sick of the whole “teaching it in the schools” if a child will somehow magically turn gay if they find out that two gay people can legally marry. It doesn’t work that way Tony. How ridiculous!!

  • Pazmateo

    3 words: Vocal Power Bottom.

  • Osito

    Boy talk about sensationalism or truth in advertising. I was expecting some slam dunk statements making a hater look like a stuttering buffoon. Well we got the hating buffoon, I’m just missing the slam dunk or where Brooke “rips him a new one”. How is this any different than the interviews on the Today Show, Good Morning America, etc? Had this been the Fox News channel and they were slamming one of their own I’d give it to them but overall nothing out of the ordinary.

  • xamthor

    studies are showing that children who grow up with 2 lesbian parents turn out to be the most well adjusted with virtually no incidents of abuse…..

  • Jason

    the culture of the U.S. is an amalgam of ideas and philosophies that has evolved over the centuries. Some people or sects haven’t evolved because they’re frame of mind is limited and are clinging to an archaic version versus evolved form of their belief systems. If you notice during the discussion Tony tries keeping the ball in his court and control of the game when its clear that Brooke is 3 moves ahead of him. The only weapons he’s got is using the traditional and religious values that he was brought up with. Society has changed and evolved (yes I’m using evolved a bit much) and apparently he’s got some catching up to do

  • DragonScorpion

    Yeah, I’m not at all impressed with Ms. Baldwin in this interview, either. No one ever seems to take this forked-tongue bigot posing as savior of the family to task. I’ve been very disappointed with the respect he’s often given on Hardball, this in spite of Chris Matthews’ apparent support of civil rights protections for homosexuals.

    Tony Perkins is in fact a liar. He’s made numerous bogus claims over the years, particularly about the prevalence of pedophilia among homosexuals, which have been disproved and yet he keeps regurgitating them. In the last several interviews I have seen with him he hasn’t brought that one up, I think this is because he knows much of the public rejects it and he realizes it’s too hyperbolic.

    Demonizing homosexuals as criminally perverse just doesn’t work these days except among a relatively small group of ultra-conservative religious folk who simply aren’t sizable enough to enact the FRC’s agenda. They, like us, need the help of moderates. The people in the middle who don’t really have a vested interest either way. So now Perkins and many like him have moved on to a different tactic, like that seen here, to invoke curriculum in schools, painting a disturbing picture of children being brainwashed if same-sex couples are allowed to marry and parents being powerless to stop it. {I should add, taken to its logical conclusion, any acceptance of homosexuality by the legal system or society would inevitably lead to a more tolerant academic curriculum. Of course, Tony is less likely these days to make that argument on national television.}

    Yes, I would very much like to see Tony Perkins put in his place on national TV, exposed for what he is. And in a fashion that actually left the average viewer who didn’t have an opinion either way concluding that Perkins argues from inaccuracies, stereotypes, prejudice, and emotionalism. This wasn’t it.

  • Thomas Liden

    How can you say that Brooke Baldwin ‘Rips Tony Perkins A New One’ when she CLEARLY DOES NOT???

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