You Go, Gurl!

WATCH: CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Rips Gay-Hater Tony Perkins A New One

Oh, hell yes, Brooke Baldwin! Yesterday, the CNN newsanchor (and our new personal hero) gave a sublime one-two punch interview with Tony Perkins, president of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council. As Perkins rattled off his usual virulent views against gay marriage, Baldwin (whom we’d opposite-sex marry) systematically discredited every utterance out of his mouth with statistical fact. As her questions got more focused, she remained poised and glamorous, while Perkins grew more visibly agitated, resorting to his inane auto-pilot rumblings about threats to religious liberties and how kids suffer.

GLAAD released an excellent statement praising the interview, breaking down how succinctly Baldwin revealed Perkins’ true nature. Ever since President Obama announced his support for marriage equality, Perkins has been masquerading as a credible political pundit on America’s top news outlets. Baldwin’s classy line of questioning finally allowed Perkins to reveal himself to the wider American public as what he truly is: a liar, a bigot, a fear-mongerer and a hypocrite who is quaking with hate.