WATCH: Colbert Brilliantly Profiles Gay Mayor “Destroying” Small Town In Kentucky

Meanwhile, get the Peadbodies out.

Stephen Colbert did an amazing profile last night on Johnny Cummings, the chain-smoking, openly gay mayor of Vicco, Kentucky — the smallest town in the nation to pass a non-discrimination ordinance that included sexual orientation.

With a population of some 334 people in Kentucky where there are no protections for LGBT people on the state level, Vicco may seem like your typical small town hillbilly paradise, but its residents couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Our favorite may be Officer Vaughn, Cummings’ best friend who extolls the mayor/town hairdresser’s virtues. “He’s been me through all four of my marriages,” Vaughn said. “I love him like a brother and I’ll take care of him just like that, just like a brother.”

Cummings was part of Colbert’s ongoing feature, “People Destroying America,” the irony of which was only lost on the pastor who fought against the ordinance. Though, after revealing a tryst in a gay bar in Texas, perhaps he doth protest too much.