WATCH: Colby and Brandon Undress For Olympic Pride Houses

Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown are more than pretty faces: they’re smart cookies. They know that if they’ve got an important message to deliver, more people are going to see it if they deliver it while taking their clothes off.

Behold their latest sexy video: while showering and strolling around in stages of undress, they talk about a new campaign to help Russian LGBTs. The Olympics and its sponsors may be turning a blind eye to Russia’s human rights abuses, but fortunately the Russia Freedom Fund is stepping up with a way for you to help.

In previous years, Olympic villages hosted a Pride House for LGBTs. This year, of course, Putin has forbidden anything like that, and the Olympics obeyed. So restaurants, bars, and clubs across the country are becoming Pride Houses themselves for one night only.

On the night of the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony, Pride Houses across the country will donate $1 of every drink sold to the Russia Freedom Fund.

You can find a participating venue here, and show your support for the event over on Facebook.

Predictably, a few bitter souls may claim to be insulted by the idea that gay men are so shallow that we’re more likely to care about a cause if it’s coming from a hunky torso. To which we say: you clicked on this post, didn’t you?