WATCH: College Lesbian Asks Mila Kunis To School Cottilion

Kirsten Bledsoe, a senior at Hollins University, has asked Oz The Great and Powerful actress Mila Kunis to be her date to the school’s annual spring cotillion, being held April 26 in Roanoke, Virginia.

Hell, Kunis is so fine we’d ask her out.

Bledsoe, whose girlfriend is too far away to attend, posted the video as a kind of viral invitation to Kunis, who went to a U.S. Marine Corps Ball i 2011 with a serviceman who asked her.

“It’s my senior year in college, it’s my last school dance, so I figured I’d ask someone who’s never been to a school dance with a willing date before,” Bledsoe says in the clip. “So just let me know, and I’ll bring the Blue Moon, and you just bring yourself.”

Why Blue Moon? Because Kunis confessed it’s her favorite.

Smart girl.

h/t: The Daily Beast