WATCH: Colton Ford Is Issuing A Hot Daddy Alert In “All My Love”

What do you get when you take an ex-gay porn star, a ’90s R&B song and an ’80s Calvin Klein ad? Probably something close to Colton Ford’s new video for “All My Love.” Ford, playing to his strengths, is serving body for days, which director Aaron Cobbett highlights with a series of dizzying dissolves.


Seriously, Ford’s naked body appears to be on a tilt-a-whirl the entire time.




That last one could give you motion sickness. Meanwhile, throw a black & white filter on this bitch and suddenly Colton’s hocking “Obsession.”


To his credit, though, Colton is able to emote, lip-synch and flex his pecs all at the same time.


And he’s got the boy band “Oh girl”-face and requisite arm gestures down to a science.


But no matter what your opinion of the song or video — which is best experienced with the sound off — the daddy alert has been issued and there’s no going back now.


You’ve been warned.

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  • scrivo

    I pointed and laughed. Then I masturbated.

  • Tackle

    He has a very soulful voice. And yes he is a hot daddy. Love the mature look…

  • oilburner

    Gross and creepy how old is this guy ? This is almost as pathetic as Michael Brandon running around San Francisco in his underwear like it’s 1999 and people still wanna see his “monster” does anyone else find it kinda desperate when men of a certain age still feel the need to run around naked 4 relevance. Just saying.

  • balehead

    Is oilburner a jealous loser?….sounds like it…

  • Spike

    I guess once you have done porn, you can’t really do anything else unless it involves taking your clothes off.

  • oilburner

    @balehead: no that would most likely be you.

  • oilburner

    @Spike: you said it better than I did.

  • richybruce

    Laughable. I love white guys that like to pretend they can sing like black woman. He kicks it up a notch… Old white guy that tries to sing like a black woman while naked. What a joke.

  • Jackhoffsky

    I wish I loved Colton Ford’s body as much as Colton Ford loves Colton Ford’s body.

  • Spike

    @Jackhoffsky: Yep, and no doubt he came up with the idea of this video while staring into the ’80s mirror that he no doubt still has hanging above his bed.

  • cooper12

    Wow, so many “C”ty remarks, I thought as gay man we did not like those things? Why does the gay community feel the constant desire to attack each other, are there not enough people out in this world who hate us, what to kill us, beat us.
    Yes the man did porn, it’s a billion dollar industry clearly someone is watching.
    Yes, he is older should he just close the door and what to die, laying room for the 20 year old twins to take over the world?
    Yes he likes his body, so what he has worked hard to get it and look that good, should we just all become “bears” because we can’t put the fork down. ( before you bit my head off, I am fat )
    Yes, he doing a black women song, what about the 20 year old, hell the 12 year old white kid running around with his pants passed his butt trying to look like a sad black rapper.

    May point behind all this is lighten up you nasty queens, most of you are have wanked to him.

  • Sweet Boy

    Looks too douchebaggy for my taste…next !

  • p-candotorg

    The videography and editing are SPLENDID and show that men can also do the “sexy” in a video. Bravo I want some more. Just shows one does not need to be 18 to look great in his Adam suit. I know many who would line up to be his lovers for once or for ever :-).
    To the? haters here. I guess not only I wished I looked like him any day. I bet you do too want to look like that MAN at his age. If it was a Michael Bolton the world would bend over backwards. But because he is not a world sensation, negative comments flow freely.
    if YOU LIKE TO GET NAKED come DANCE NAKED with us here in Vancouver Canada to start our PRIDE WEEK. See the poster for details.Thanks

  • Jackhoffsky

    @cooper12: How’s this for ‘less c**ty:

    Though the song isn’t that bad, it doesn’t have the vocal power to bring it to any sustainable level. The sound is something reminiscent of something Justin Timberlake would do five years ago. The chorus is too heavy for the notes and his voice. The lyrics are basic and do not seem to poetically leave the realm of “let’s f**k”. (All this is fine, btw… LOL)

    Because the video only features one person… for the entire video, the words of the song become less about loving someone else and more about him loving himself. The end result is a feeling of misogyny that turns a normal R&B song about wanting someone into nothing more then masturbation.

  • cooper12


    Much better, you sound like someone who put thought into your comment. Not like just another bitter queen who still working as a waiter and is jealous that some else got the part.
    We all have our issues as gay men, I merely suggest we stop recklessly destroying our own and try supporting ourselves.
    You don’t have to like a song or an actor just because they are gay, but in turn you don’t have to slag them off just because they are.

  • Tackle

    The agism coming from some of these posters is just fu*king pathetic.

  • Shadeaux

    The song is kind of cute if you don’t watch the video. Colton is a cutie and it kind of throws me off when sexy people try to be sexy. It was a little “overkill” with the video but I don’t think the song was all that bad.

  • richybruce

    I threw up on my shoes.

  • csmingus

    So he’s naked again in another video so we can forget about that voice of his that doesn’t match his body? It’s like watching a seriously less talented Rick Astley all over again, but at least Rick could sing.

  • Jayson

    First off, I must give him credit for not using tired auto-tune. Second, so what if the sound is 90’s R&B, it sounds great and not over processed like today’s disgusting knock off of what is considered soulful. I don’t really care about his porn past: I think his voice on this track is pretty good. It’s smooth and soulful.

  • Spike

    @richybruce: Crocs or Christian Louboutin?

  • Sptremblay

    I don’t have anything to say except “Ew”.

  • Josh

    I’m thinking this was directed by a porn director…awful! He is way to hot of a daddy to be singing and moving like a boy band! For shame, Colton!

  • KentSF

    Colton looks amazing, obviously, but man is that cheesy.

  • Dixie Rect

    Who told this nitwit he could sing? Horrible.

  • casey

    Actually, not bad. Needs some seasoning though, porn performing is about a whole other set of skills.

  • heath0043

    @cooper12: Well said!!

  • dvlaries

    Are he and Blake Harper still a couple or is that all over?

  • keep it real

    Still hot Cum back to Porn one more time for old times sake….

  • Alan down in Florida

    Gentlemen you disappoint me again with your lack of understanding. He may no longer be a porn star but the demographic for his vocal audience is still the gay men who grew up watching his video. These kinds of videos get played in every non-twink gay bar and gives him steady work performing these songs on the gay club circuit. If he can parlay his love of music and bodybuilding into a career more power to him. You all can piss and moan and dismiss him but he gets the last laugh. And there will be plenty of men like me who will repeatedly watch that video tonight and not because they love the song.

  • itzallan

    Although his mature looks and the style of the video seem to disconnect, it’s great that Ford is brave enough to put himself out there the way he does. I think as a community we need to support gay entertainers, or at least give them their due respect and avoid tossing up our own baggage on them. It takes courage to put yourself out there for all the world to judge, and we need to support that courage because it’s the same courage we all depend on as LGBT people.

  • jckfmsincty

    Maybe he should return to his previous profession.

  • scotshot

    @Alan down in Florida: That old ageism thing rears its head. It’s a constant of gay

    life & will never change. There’s always the last laugh : Young Thing wakes up an old queen one day and can’t afford all

    the plastic surgery needed. Look at Mummy & Daddy and (possibly) see your future.

    The last laugh is on them, though. Ford may earn more money in a year than they’ll earn in a lifetime…..

  • Nyruinz

    Let’s keep it real, gay men are obsessed with sex, so therefore that is why this man is naked!

  • Hairspray_Harry


    sweetie who is saying that these trolls/witches are gay in the first place,they could be decoys/impersonators very seriously….many gay sites have alot of decoys who are not gay but hang out just to call down/make fun or basically stir the pot and watch it boil

  • ChasingJoe

    It’s always about sex =) He puts out some good music. I would however like to be on the list for The Four on the Floor Dance Remix and if can sing in to me in some seedy hotel room and spit on me – I would give it 5 Stars.

    Be good to each other and build each other up.

  • gppm1103

    @Jackhoffsky: Well said. I turned it off after 1 1/2 mins. It just isn’t very good. But it’s his video and if his fans like it – go for it Colton.

  • AndrewIB

    I thought he was lovely to look at..not entirely certain about the song but he can sing at least..I didn’t stay with the song the entire way through but liked it well enough for the time I listened to was a tad boyz to men in places which was a little unsettling but hey I wish him well with his new career..didn’t catch any of his old career so maybe this is the right direction for him.

    As for the ageism..well I’m 51 and couldn’t care less what anyone thinks or says as I get older..that’s half the fun.

  • gogold

    My lordy lord! Looks like a daddy but sounds like boyband. Please be age-appropriate in the songs you sing, Mr Colton. It’s no doubt you can sing but this is awful… I suggest that you reach down into your chest register and find that manly sound that suits you.

  • balehead

    The nasty on here are so tired….grow a life!

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