WATCH: Comic Trevor Boris Jokes About Dating Troubles, Grindr On Conan

We don’t watch much late-night television but when we do, we try to catch Conan. Not only is he funny and self-depricating, but he regularly invites LGBT guests on the show. (He even got ordained as a a minister so he could marry a gay staffer and his boyfriend!)

Above, comic Trevor Boris laments how tough online dating is for gay men in a set from Tuesday night’s show. “Guys put naked pictures of themselves on their profiles—which is, y’know, a little creepy. Call me old-fashioned—I just think the first time I see a guy’s penis should be in the men’s room in the club we just met at.”

Trevor Boris’ new comedy album, Over Easy, is out now

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  • J.o.s.h

    Trevor is funny and I love Conan!

  • Bob

    Can anyone view this clip? It will not open for me.

  • jokes

    Nice comedy video…

  • SammySeattle

    @Bob: no, but found it easily on YouTube.

  • B

    The other joke was about his homophobic cousin who is on grindr, using it as an early warning system. Warning – gays within 10 meters.

    Now, suppose someone tells Pastor Worley (the electric fence guy apparently afraid of being recruited) that there’s this app he can buy that will tell him if there are any gays nearby, so he can run for his life lest he too become a “sinner”. Having Pastor Worley on grindr would be hilarious!


    He was great. I loved it when he hugged Coco.

  • David Gervais

    Thanks but I couldn’t find it there, maybe copyright takedown? If you still have a link, please post it here. thks

  • David Gervais

    Just BTW, anyone else get the commercial ok but not the video? Odd how corporate media types think.

  • DouggSeven

    Good to see Trevor going in an international direction. He’s quite famous in Canada already with his show ‘Video on Trial’ show on MuchMusic. Think Bevis and Butthead when they reviewed videos – but they do it much better and funnier.

  • Chris

    He wasn’t so good. The line with the legs was great, though.

  • Chandler In Las Vegas

    Lion King in the elevator made me LOL.

  • @jesse808

    @Bob: click on it it a lot!!

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