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WATCH: This coming-of-age tale about a gay Serbian man is already dancing its way into our hearts

Screenshot: Bankside Films

We here at Queerty can admit that it doesn’t take much to get us excited about a movie. Often times, all we need is the word “gay” or “queer” in a logline and our ears perk up. Sometimes, just a few seconds of a trailer will have us making a beeline to the box office.

Enter: Of An Age, an upcoming film with a 90-second teaser that is entirely a wordless sequence in which a gorgeous, shirtless man shakes his groove thing to some upbeat pop music. Say no more—we’re in!

In all seriousness, there are plenty of reasons to get excited for Of An Age, a new queer, coming-of-age tale slated to make its world premiere next month at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

For one, the story has us very intrigued. It’s 1999 in Australia and, during one fateful summer, a young Serbian immigrant named Kol is preparing for a dance contest (ah, hence the flashy choreography in the trailer!) when he receives a distressing call from his best friend, Ebony, in need of help after a wild night out.

Immediately, Kol sets out in search of Ebony, enlisting her older brother, Adam, on his rescue mission. Along the way, as they weave in and out of traffic, the two begin to form an intense connection, one that takes them both by surprise as it quickly develops into a romance.

Photo Credit: Thuy Vy, Bankside Films

There’s also the fact that Of An Age comes from handsome Australian-Macedonian filmmaker Goran Stolevski, whose previous feature You Won’t Be Alone—a poetic, witchy wonder with rich queer themes—received rave reviews at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Stolevski is certainly a director to keep an eye out for, and we’re eager to see him tackle something so romantic and personal.

Of An Age premieres August 4 at the Melbourne International Film Festival, with more festival dates—and an eventual proper release date—likely soon to come. Meanwhile, we’ll just be watching that dance scene over and over and over…

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