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Watch How These Commuters React To Public Acts Of Homophobia

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In a crowded subway train during rush hour, how many passengers would dare to stand up to a homophobic aggressor?

That’s what Julius Dien wanted to find out when he took to the London streets and tubes, staging a social experiment that gauges various responses to public acts of homophobia.

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The experiment involves two of Julius’s friends, Adam Ward and Josh Green, holding hands and openly making out in public.

That’s when Julius enters the picture, shouting homophobic slurs.

The rest of the performance all depends on whichever unsuspecting mark happens to be sitting nearby.

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As you can see in the below video, most responses are encouraging. Quite a few people stand up for the couple, and some people tell Julius to leave the area or even threaten to “knock him out.”

Not surprisingly, there is one little asshole who decides to join Julius in the abuse: “If you gonna do that,” he says, “do it somewhere else. They got more rights than we have nowadays.”

Watch the clip below: 


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