WATCH: Family Giving You Gay Guff Over The Holidays? George Takei Will F— Their S— Up!

On last night’s Conan, Andy Richter unveiled a deluxe package to help out yourself to your family over the holidays. The package is a steal at $99.99 and for just a $1.95 more (BARGAIN!), you get George Takei to come and say this:

“Any of you motherfuckers give him shit about it, I will come back here and fuck. your. shit. up.”

This Christmas, can we just get Takei on retainer to say that (and occasionally “Welcome to the Wonderful World of Gay!”) to any and everyone? That’s a gift that just keeps on giving.

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  • davegun2

    Now that is some fucked up funny shit right there.

  • Caleb in SC


  • Charli Girl

    LMAO!!! Guess he will have to MOVE to South!!

  • boring

    The best thing about this bit is how for it to actually work, George Takei had to have been hiding in the curtains the ENTIRE TIME.


  • Red Meat

    I usually just giggle at videos like this but when George Takei came out and back in the curtains I literally LOL’ed in the living room while everyone watched some stupid show on NBC.

  • Dugdigger

    That’s the lulz, for sure, but if this ever becomes real I would totally subscribe. That drones-around-the-water-cooler convo you know is looming? Hire some straights to out you! Easy peasy. What used to be free now costs money, but we’re talking hassle free? Sign me up.

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