WATCH: Conan Sets His Watch To Sexy O’Clock For Red Hot Gingers PSA

We’ve been on board the ginger bandwagon for quite some time, so imagine our shock when we learned that redheads are mocked in the UK so much they had to create a PSA. And imagine our delight when one of our favorite carrot tops — not actually Carrot Top — Conan O’Brien joined in the public awareness campaign by stripping down and getting all kinds of sexy. Sure, it was mostly the wrong kinds, but it’s still very much appreciated.

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  • TheNewEnergyDude

    Very funny. And yes, Conan is quite sexy.

  • crowebobby

    TMZ (my favorite TV show) mocks “gingers” (albeit good-naturedly) all the time, so it’s not just the Brits who do this.

  • yaoming

    I think Prince Harry has done a lot to calm the anti-ginger faction.

  • redspyder

    I dated this guy from Leeds for a while… he told me that when he was in Reception (Grade 1) all the other boys used to tease him and tell him he was going to grow up to marry a ginger lass and have nothing but ginger babies.

    He used to go home in tears… cracked me up, when he told it. Still had that faraway look in his eye over how horrible it would be – ginger babies!

  • CeciliaRooney

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  • Polaro

    I have a thing for gingers…just saying.

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