WATCH: Cory Booker SHUTS DOWN Heckler, Marries First Gay Couple In New Jersey

Cory Booker conducted his first ever wedding — gay or otherwise — Monday, as he had refused to officiate any until gay marriage was legalized. The first couple Booker married, and the first to tie the knot as same-sex marriage became legal in New Jersey, were the Newark mayor cum U.S. Senator’s old friends Joseph Panessidi and Orville Bell.

Of course, someone had be the asshole when Booker asked if there was anyone present who would object to their union. Speaking now rather than forever holding his peace, or any sense of decorum, said asshole began yelling about how the marriage was “unlawful in the eyes of god” and blah-blah-no-one-gives-a-crap. Booker, after having the man removed “and not hearing any substantive, worthy objections,” proceeded with the vows. He even got a hug in with the new grooms.

Meanwhile, if Hillary’s not running in 2016: Cory Booker.

h/t: Joe My God

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