WATCH: Bi Real World Cutie In Undies Destroys House Over Homophobic Roomie

Normally, we wouldn’t give a damn about what happens on The Real World: Part One Million. But when it involves a drunken, CK undie-wearing bi hottie who smashes dishes and throws a teary-eyed fit over the fact that his man-friend hasn’t talked to him in three days, we suddenly become very interested; even concerned almost.

Apparently, on a recent episode of RW: San Diego, Nate (the blond) freaked out when Frank (the brunet) brought home a guy. Afterward Nate refused to keep staying in the same room as Frank and didn’t talk to him for a few days.

You better pay Frank attention, gurl, or shit’s gonna get broke.

Meanwhile the woman on the couch witnessing this lovers’ quarrel is all like, “Whatever 2000. I wonder what’s on MTV right now.”

Love it.

PS. Frank apologized for going all Hulk on the IKEA ware and Nate promised to visit a gay bar to prove how not homophobic he is.

Yawn. Next.

Source: AOL TV via Towleroad

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  • Little Kiwi

    wake me when a housemate gets Lyme disease and then slapped in the head by a Closet-Case.

    until then, *snoooooore*

  • Michael

    Frank needs psychological help and anger management desperately.The Real World used to have positive representations of the LGBT community.Pedro being a great example of that one of the first people to ever come out as Hiv+ on national television that broke so many boundaries and ground back then.It was astonishing I remember watching that episode tearing up it was heartbreaking when I found out he had died not long after.People like him made an impact and a difference people like Frank however give the LGBT community a bad name.The real world continues to misrepresent people who are bi etc…It’s a sad statement to what MTV has turned into.

  • fredo777

    Nate doth protest too much. Definitely pings my gaydar.

  • Izzie

    Really? Breaking things? I thought ppl only did that on TV. Oh, that’s right! This is TV. ;-)

    OK, so why did Frank strip down from shirt and jeans to his boxer briefs to confront someone else only wearing underwear? Doesn’t that seem just a little fake?

  • kurt_t

    I thought the whole point of The Real World was to make you feel grateful that nobody was following you around with a video camera when you were 22-years-old. And, yes, Little Kiwi, that whole Seattle season was just a hot mess, wasn’t it?

  • Kurt

    Frank needs psychological help and anger management desperately.

    ??? No more than Martin Sheen needs Service Protection so the President’s life is not endangered.

  • CBRad

    I love how Towleroad presents this show as though it’s actually real and not scripted with actors.

  • J. Bocca

    Michael, why do all gay/lesbian people on television HAVE to be inspiring? Do we not have crazy/psycho/maniacs in our community? I would say yes, and seemingly more than the hetero community. This is supposed to be a depiction of REAL LIFE people. Yes he’s a dramatic, drunk, crazy, psychopath but who doesn’t know a person in their life like that, or at least at one point in their life. His sexuality actually takes a back burner to his mental issues. Which I think is sad because I do believe there is a lot of homophobia within the cast this season, especially coming from the 2 straight dudes and that one blonde chick. However the youngest cast member the native San diegoin is actually the most accepting. I also would like to point out to you that there IS an actual really COOL LEVEL HEADED down to earth normal LESBIAN on the show. I think she does a good job representing the LGBT community if you will. Which you FORGOT to mention.

  • shle896


  • Dave

    Wow. I wonder what the fuck this nutjob Frank does when something actually bad happens to him. But not enough to make me watch this waste-of-time show to find out.

  • Gigi

    The “real” world? Cute but lame.

  • Tyler

    “We were besties, wtf?!” bahahahaha

  • Michael

    @J. Bocca:

    Must people like you always be snarky and rude just because someone doesn’t think the same way you do? Never mind keep forgetting what site I am on MY BAD!

    Yes I know there are REAL people with REAL problems but these hot messes do NOT present a positive portrayal of this community to ME anyways.Anyone can feel free to disagree thats why EVERYONE has an opinion.Not to mention I wasn’t even thinking about Sam I was referring to Frank the entire time and the childish way he is acting.He needs to be in AA and needs help period .You took a stand against my comment and I respect that but you had no right to act as if Im against people like Frank.Hence why the show is called the REAL world my comment was based on how MTV used to represent itself I miss the days when people like Pedro put a positive image on the LGBT community even though he was HIV+ he did the responsible thing and raised awareness about the disease and protecting yourself.

    THAT is a role model.

  • kurt_t

    Michael, I appreciate your insight, but Queerty etiquette demands that only one poster per thread use the term “hot mess,” and I got here first. You might want to try the ESPN body issue story.

    Don’t make me start busting up this FiestaWare.

  • Bryan

    Someone should tell Frank that the reason most people have a problem with him might not be because he’s bisexual, but because he’s an asshole.

  • Michael


    LOL duly noted. :)

  • Three-Dollar Bill

    I’m with J. on the whole “misrepresenting the community”, because let’s be honest, it’s not like drama and queers don’t go hand-in-hand. But at least the lesbian’s not a basket case as well.

  • George412

    Bad acting!!!

  • CBRad

    @Three-Dollar Bill: True. And, yet again, let’s not forget it’s a business. If the scriptwriters made the characters normal calm achieving respectable types it would be boring and nobody would watch.

  • Isaiah

    LOL @Little Kiwi AND Kurt_t

  • Chad

    This is when i hate my iPhone. NO FLASH!!!!!! NO VIDEO!!!!!!!

  • chad

    Personally I can understand his anger. While Nate is off and free to screw every girl in sight withous having to come close to reconciling his limbido with society, Frank and every other gay person has had to lift the weight of the world off of their back just to justify a mere attraction. And yet Nate, with his privates in overdrive, has the nerve to diss Frank just because he’s “uncomfortable”? Yea, I’d beat his ass to!! Like Frank, I too am sick of the bullshit!!

  • Michael

    Guy brings guy home, roommate acts like a jealous bitch. Do the math.

  • Shannon1981

    I’d have been upset too. I do not condone the way he handled it, but, I do understand it. I’ve gone off on people(in a non violent way) on countless occasions when they displayed their homophobia. You do get sick of the bullshit.

  • Darling Nikki

    Looks like foreplay to me.

  • Kyle

    Nate and Thor are closeted.

  • Pip

    omg gurl i have that same underwear

  • Max the Communist

    Okay, I could comment on all the misogyny, homophobia and biphobia in this thread. But instead of writing a 30-page thesis, I just offer up one thought for consideration:

    Has it occurred to anyone how media representation like this reinforces the stereotype that bisexuals are unstable and how much biphobia is a continuation of homophobia? Or how much bisexual misrepresentation feeds into general anti-queer hate? I have as much skepticism about this kind of representation as I do MTV’s pandering to their 18-35 straight male demographic with Tila Tequila, with Ricki and Vicki Ikki. And it doesn’t have to be an scene that’s staged to have the same kind of negative impact. Corporate media would rather serve up dreck like this than show proud, out, and confident bisexual men.

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