WATCH: Bi Real World Cutie In Undies Destroys House Over Homophobic Roomie

Normally, we wouldn’t give a damn about what happens on The Real World: Part One Million. But when it involves a drunken, CK undie-wearing bi hottie who smashes dishes and throws a teary-eyed fit over the fact that his man-friend hasn’t talked to him in three days, we suddenly become very interested; even concerned almost.

Apparently, on a recent episode of RW: San Diego, Nate (the blond) freaked out when Frank (the brunet) brought home a guy. Afterward Nate refused to keep staying in the same room as Frank and didn’t talk to him for a few days.

You better pay Frank attention, gurl, or shit’s gonna get broke.

Meanwhile the woman on the couch witnessing this lovers’ quarrel is all like, “Whatever 2000. I wonder what’s on MTV right now.”

Love it.

PS. Frank apologized for going all Hulk on the IKEA ware and Nate promised to visit a gay bar to prove how not homophobic he is.

Yawn. Next.

Source: AOL TV via Towleroad