WATCH: Dallas gay bar kicks out trans woman for seemingly no reason

JR's Dallas, transgender, transphobia
A still from Heredia’s video of his trans friend being ejected and shoved by bar security.

Update (6/6/2019 3 p.m. EST): JR’s Bar has released a statement on the incident below.

Last night, Dallas, Texas resident Daniel Heredia posted a video showing his trans female friend Blair Jirousek being kicked out of JR’s, one of the largest gay bars on the city’s gay strip, for seemingly no reason.

In a public Facebook post, Heredia wrote that when he, Jirousek and another friend walked up to the bar to order drinks, the bartender (who was also the manager on duty) asked for their IDs and then studied only Jirousek’s intently before handing it back and saying that he wouldn’t serve them.

Heredia wrote:

“When we asked for an explanation he wouldn’t give us one. He wouldn’t even bother talking to us or explaining. Nothing. Blair is 23. Her ID is real but has her boy name on it since she has not been able to legally change it yet. All of her cards have the same name on it. Everything in her wallet points to her being a real person. We tried explaining that and CARTER [the manager] had no interest in even trying to listen. It all felt like it stemmed from transphobia.”

The group stayed and watched the drag show to support some of the performers, but Heredia says when another friend joined them and later walked over to a different bartender to get a drink, the manager walked over and told the bartender not to serve them because he was socializing with the trans person that he had turned away. Heredia claims the manager then had security throw out the entire group.

Heredia wrote:

“The security guard M. LOZANO came over and also would not give us a single reason as to why we were getting kicked out. We told him we thought it had to do with Blair’s ID and gave it to verify that it was not a fake. After he studied it thoroughly his reaction changed because he knew it was real but his exact words were ‘the manager said you HAD to leave’ again not because of a fake ID but because of…? What?

The way the security guard M. LOZANO handled the situation was also very unprofessional. There are several times he puts his hands on Blair even shoving her so far she fell to the ground.

Here are videos of the group being kicked out and the security guard shoving Jirousek:

Heredia wrote that the group alerted the police who verified Jirousek’s ID was real. When the police arrived, the bar’s manager allegedly demanded that the cops issue Jirousek a felony “criminal trespassing” citation. While the cops declined the request, they did tell the group that if they tried to enter the bar again, they’d be arrested because the manager of an establishment has the right to refuse service to anyone even without a valid reason.

Heredia concluded, “Transphobia is not okay. This is Pride month and we should be accepting of all genders and sexual preferences, uplifting our community not tearing it down. It’s sad that a place I have grown to love and appreciate is supporting people that have nothing better to do with their time than hate.”

Last year, JR’s kicked out celebrity Tamar Braxton for violating the bar’s dress code when she tried to bring a backpack into the club. The bar has since racked up several negative Facebook reviews for its treatment of Jirousek.

We reached out to the bar for a statement. It has said that it has fired the manager who refused to serve the trans customer and has “reached out to the private security company that employees the security officer in question … to resolve that situation today, as well.” The bar also said it will train all employees to ensure that an incident like this doesn’t happen again in the future.

Here’s the bar’s full statement so far:

Early this morning, we were notified of an incident that occurred at JR’s Bar & Grill last night involving a staff member and several of our patrons. While our employees take every measure to ensure the safety of both staff and patrons, any actions that are deemed contra to our beliefs and values as a company will not be tolerated.

After reviewing the situation and gathering statements from the parties involved, the company has chosen to terminate the employee in question effective immediately.

We are against discrimination of any kind, and work diligently with all employees to ensure that our bar is a welcoming space for everyone to celebrate. We respect and value people from all communities and will continue to advocate for diversity and inclusivity.