We're Not Crying, YOU'RE Crying!

Dan Levy breaks down reading a thank you note from moms of LGBTQ kids

Noah Reid and Dan Levy in Schitt's Creek
Noah Reid and Dan Levy in Schitt’s Creek (Photo: Pop TV)

Schitt’s Creek may have ended, but its impact has not. Following the series finale of the beloved sitcom, the cast and crew gathered for a follow-up special to discuss their involvement in the show. Things took an emotional turn nobody expected.

The show earned wide praise for its depictions of queer characters, especially that of David (played by series co-creator Dan Levy) and his boyfriend Patrick (played by Noah Reid). During the special, Reid read aloud a letter from “Serendipity Do Dah for Moms,” a Facebook group for mothers of LGBTQ children. Their letter praised the show and thanked the crew and cast–Levy in particular–for its depiction of LGBTQ people. 1,800 people signed the letter of thanks.

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“Your commitment to represent love and tolerance in your show is so important to families like ours,” the letter read. “Your willingness to explore, inform and educate about LGBTQ people and their relationships in an entertaining but respectful and positive manner sets a tone that is often missing.”

It continued: “You have created new ways for queer viewers to see themselves represented, and in its own way, that is just as important as the battles we are still fighting. Therefore, the work you have all done on Schitt’s Creek has encouraged us greatly and given us hope about the future for our kids.”

“We sincerely believe,” the letter went on, “that shows like Schitt’s Creek will serve as a catalyst to help change the world into a kinder, safer more loving place for all LGBTQ people to live, and because of that, we will remain forever grateful. You’ve made a lot of mamma bears happy and as a result, you have a whole bunch of fans forever.”

Dan Levy broke down in tears after taking just one look at the letter. By the time Reid had finished reading the letter, everyone sitting around the table had teared up. We did too.

The finale of Schitt’s Creek earlier this week. The show is available to watch on Netflix.