WATCH: Dan Savage Explains The Pros And Cons Of A “Monogamish” Relationship

Thanks to Dan Savage, we’ve learned a new term for homosexual people devoted to one another (and several other people at the same time). Open relationships are so 2010. That’s why Dan Savage and his hot husband Terry Miller are “monogamish,” which is fancy gay lingo for “we sleep with other people.”

The media pundit appears on The Dish this week to explain the benefits and drawbacks of having a seriously hot husband sex with a third party, and like a lot of things, it doesn’t make a lot of sense until Dan Savage explains it.

The perks of monogamy, according to Dan, are obvious. “Paternity,” “less risk of disease,” and “less risk of emotional attachment” are among his top reasons to choose a monogamous relationship, but for those seeking more “monogamish” activities, that emotional attachment would be a top concern.

“It’s one thing to mess around and have a low stakes sexual encounter with someone else,” he says, “but to go on a date with someone else, to develop feelings for that person, that get’s tough, and that’s a risk.”

There you have it boys. Pretty much a guidebook for what you can and cannot do when trying to bed Terry Miller. Now go out there and have at it!