Bye Bye Bi

WATCH: Dan Savage Reveals Whether He’s Really Biphobic

In the latest “Ask Anything” video on Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish, activist/columnist Dan Savage defended himself against accusations of being biphobic and discussed how views on bisexuality have changed over the years.

He recalled  how in the 1980s when men would sometimes initially claim to be bi as a sort of prelude to coming out as gay. (This reminds us of the famous Will & Grace gag about bisexuality: “Isn’t that just a rest stop on the highway to homo?”)

“[Today when teens] tell you that they’re bi, a little voice in the back of your head goes ‘yeah, so was I’…you can’t help [but think it], and it’s not fault of bisexuals’ that you would think that, it is the fault of the people who said that they were bisexual…I ,” began Savage, defending the internal prejudgement he allegedly holds.

But is his opinion a prejudice or a phobia?

Maybe it’s neither. Savage continued on saying his comments are merely “acknowledgement of a thing that exists” (the thing being people saying they are bisexual instead of just gay), and concluded by adding that he loves bi people and wants more to come out.