WATCH: Dan Savage Takes It To The Street For Homeless Gay Youth

Dan Savage teamed with Take Part TV to produce American Savage, where he addresses pressing issues facing the LGBT community. In this two-part episode, Savage introduces us to Derry Tindal, who thought coming out would end his problems. Sadly, after being bullied by his peers and rejected by his aunt, Derry wound up on  the street—one of the 40% of LGBT youth who find themselves homeless.


Happily, in part two of Dan’s interview, we learn that Derry found refuge with the help of LGBT-youth service groups like Sylvia’s Place and the Ali Forney Center (which tragically was just destroyed by Hurricane Sandy).

Today, Derry is in a committed relationship with plans to move into his own apartment. He’s also beginning to reconcile with his family, proving, as Dan says, “if you stand your ground, family comes around.”