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    so bored of this annoying c-nt being — inescapably — EVERYFUCKINGWHERE.

    totally don’t get the fascination, actually, OBSESSION, with him and his chronic inability to retain clothing outside the environment of the pool; speedos or not he has all the appeal of an overly smiley chipmunk.

    of course, y’all bambi sex fantasies are none of my beeswax… just don’t force him down my throat… not that he even looks capable. lol.

  • MK Ultra

    Got to agree with DIVKID.
    I think Daley is a little cutie but he is totally overexposed, and not in the way that many would like.

  • raisinhead


    condescending cunt… do you think Queerty is just for you.

    What an utter cunt.

  • Evji108

    He is a total exhibitionist, and I love him for it. There are tons of guys who keep their clothes on all the time = boring. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him jacking off on Cam4 someday – he just loves to expose himself. (allegedly)

  • JDJase


    Forced down your throat? Were you REALLY forced to click on a story that was CLEARLY about a subject you didn’t care to read about? So basically, when straight conservatives whine that gay marriage is being shoved down their throat, you agree with them?

    People like you disgust me. People who actively seek out something they don’t like just to whine and complain about it. Is your life so completely pathetic that the only way you can possibly get attention is to bitch and moan about anything you can?

    There’s actually this really neat process out there, in which a person, when seeing an article they don’t care about, doesn’t click it and moves on. You should try it. Of course, that won’t get you the attention you are so desperate for.

  • Bob LaBlah

    I wonder if his buns are as cute as I think they are? Sure wish he had turned around more and shook his true “money maker”. Greg Louganis, eat your heart out.



    yes, i was indeed FORCED to read and to comment on this article — by ANGER: HOT SEXY RAGE…. it was either that or a rifle on a rooftop. or is that what you’d prefer …you…you… fascist kitten-raping hitler apologist!!!!

    people like you disgust me. you actively seek out whiney people like moi to whine at — disgustedly. my life is completely pathetic enough why would you deprive me of my only possible way to get attention via my bitchin and moanin. just who gives you the right to deprive me of the right to do this? because, fyi , there’s this even more neat process thingy called having differing opinions, sweetie.

    i think it’s time to replace the gerbil…. the current one seems to be gnawing it’s way out of your colon. then maybe you can calm the fuck down, dear.

    p.s your intemperate screed only resulted in making my hatred even stronger … bwahahaha!!! oh the power!!
    p.p.s it also made me horny…do you have a paypal account cuz i’d pay you to speak to me like that.

  • FStratford

    DIVKID is a loser.

  • 2eo

    Bless, Divkid is acting like a 14 year old just discovered sarcasm for the first time and is playing the “sarcy” card repeatedly and thinks it makes them interesting and unique.

    Aww. Isn’t it cute.

    Don’t be afraid, you’ll grow into it, you may even gain a modicum of eloquence when you’re older.


    @2eo: but interesting enough you felt compelled to respond, eh?
    @FStratford: why so angwy?

  • D P

    I for one am glad that he’s getting over-exposed! I don’t watch television, opting for internet entertainment on demand. Were it not for Queerty letting Tom Daley steal the scene for a minute I would know nothing of him. I think he’s adorable, and a good model for the next generation of gays. Thank you Queerty! Cheers, Tom Daley! And especially a big thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Daley for your pairing!

    Thats right! I said it, I own it, and I love it!

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