WATCH: Davey Wavey Learns How To Cure His Gayness And Marry Katie Holmes

Have you had a burning desire to watch weblebrity Davey Wavey make out with a girl? Neither have we. Regardless, it sort of happens in his latest video. Thanks to a new pharmaceutical called “Gay Away,” Wavey gets to experience the horrors joys of heterosexuality. But like many medications, “Gay Away” is not without its risks. As Wavey learns, side effects include secret email addresses, marrying Katie Holmes and telling your wife that you’ll be working late — again.

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  • Paul

    This was stoooooopid.

  • Dxley

    Nope. I’ve only had a burning desire to stop seeing him on Queerty.

  • QJ201

    weblebrity is not a word

    and Davey Wavey is not a ____ebrity of any sort.

    Been what 5 years? Still hasn’t gotten that “big break” he’s been after.

  • Dixie Rect

    Why, just why? The PR check must of cleared.

  • Franco C.

    There are times when I enjoy Davey’s blog posts, and others, like now, when I’m confused. Is he really this vapid, or is the joke on everyone else? I don’t presume to know what he’s like in “real life” but the image he projects on his site is often of a very vacant person who is having troubles aging. It might explain why his videos often include men who are much younger than he is. He defends this by saying that he’s young at heart, and good for him. I’m just not sure how much I buy it. A little substance goes a long way. Every now and again.


    Ewww! She kissed his face!!! YOU IN DANGER GURRL (those “weblebrities” are a small, incëstuous bunch) He could’ve infected yo ass you with TWERPes, DERPes, CHERpes or even QUIFFilis…

    Just from watching this I contracted MEHpes!

  • Spike

    Don’t do it!!! One minute of your life you will never get back. Time better spent would involve Google Image Search . . . Tom Daley.

  • Niall

    He’s still a thing?

  • jonathanyoungii

    it’s just a light-hearted video for goodness sakes. not to mention the message is positive.

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