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  • TinoTurner

    This video reminds me why I have no gay friends…..jeeeeezus christ.

  • hooliganb

    If he thanks vaginas in this one, I will find him, and punch him right in the mouth.

  • kurt_t

    This is not coming from a judgmental place at all, but I think it’s the gender variant gays who have these kind of misunderstandings and boundary issues with heterosexual women. If you’re the kind of gay guy who owns his own bowling ball and watches the baseball playoffs at Hooters, you’re not going to have these kind of conflicts in your life. No woman is going to want to go shoe shopping with you or try to take you to the next “Sex in the City” movie. Of course, the downside is your sister is the only person who sit through “The Women” with you, and when you say “Jungle Red” to your friends they just give you that blank look.

  • Dixie Rect

    I thought Queerty was no longer putting up anything Davey Douchey related? He’s just sooooo annoying.

  • Nick

    Seriously, why is this guy getting any more attention?
    I did think the Asian guy was funny, though. “A lot of moisturiser… little bit of concealer…”

  • PeteP

    Sorry haters, but I loved it. This was spot on.

  • miagoodguy

    He needs a big hug…around the neck…with rope.

  • Lifepathnine

    That Asian is just too cute.

  • Mofdgheb

    What an annoying little man. And why does he keep getting publicity here?

  • susansylvester

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  • adam madam

    I’m glad others above find Davey Wavey as insufferable as I do.

    Put some clothes on, shut up, and quit presuming to speak for a whole class of gay men, you annoying, twinky twerp.

  • Cee

    So very stereotypical. Why do gay guys have to be friends with only women? Get some str8 guy friends and you won’t have to deal with that $hit.

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