WATCH: Davey Wavey Undresses A Straight Guy, Critiques His Body

What would we do without Davey Wavey? The insatiable curiosity of the rocket scientist underwear model weblebrity has previously educated us on how gay men make love, the sex lives of gay seniors and even on the glories of Tom Daley’s butt (we already knew about this one), and now he gets to the bottom of why so many gays are turned on by straight boys. He’s doing God’s work, right?

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  • Kamuriie

    Wow. That little twink was hot, and I rarely go for twinky guys..

  • J with da tea

    Super cute. I feel like he could pass as Andrew Garfields little bro haha

  • DShucking

    Why are we talking about this?! Johnny Weir joined the Russian military so he can legally murder gays! Out of the chat rooms and into the streets!!

  • redcarpet

    Critique? Leave it to gays to make the tiniest imperfection into something worth pointing out.

  • NG22

    I like this vid. Igor is clearly a model. I wonder if Davey paid him for his time or what. My favorite part was, “Are you even a good person? Do you do community service?”

  • B Damion

    Being a femm guy of sound body and mind lol. I have experienced “str8” guys or “DL” in bed, and they have all been F-ing awful. Nice to look at but thats about it.

    I will take a gay flaming man to bed any day over these str8 boys. Just awful in bed.

    And thats my 2 cents.

  • isafakir

    well part of the fun of doing straight guys is their sexual naiveté. they can be so dumb. gives me a feeling of real accomplishment getting a positive reaction out of them. if they go away getting better than they expected and better than they deserved, i feel fulfilled. and you can taste it and feel it when they’ve been pushed passed their boundaries. i am addicted to guys so for me the give back is their real pleasure. that naive appreciation of good head …

    sometimes they’re not quite sure that their not going to be asked to be reciprocative, compromised in some way and i love making the feel secure in their straight boy world masculinity. they’re so pretty and so delicious sometimes. so vulnerable.

  • tada-no

    Can someone explain to me what is so special about this sarcasm filled joke about a good looking young man who works out? What exactly am I missing here? Are we supposed to believe that straight guys have some superior edge in good looks? If we’re going down that route, this straight guy didn’t display the masculine qualities that gay men associate straight guys with and his good looks can be found in hundreds of gay twinks at your local gyms and dance floors.

  • JDJase

    @DShucking: You need therapy.

  • JDJase

    @redcarpet: And everything went over your head lol

  • gurrrlplease

    Why is he in a hotel room?

  • Dixie Rect

    I just loathe Davey Wavey. Its not even what he says, just the sound of that voice. He is horrible.

  • robirob

    I find Wavey’s sense of humor a bit tiring at times. Poking fun at shallow sterotypes? Wow, how innovative. All for ratings and hits, I guess.

  • ouragannyc

    That dude was NOT a typical straight guy.
    Straight boyz wear ugly plaid boxers.
    He should have chosen a real str8 dude to make his point.

  • Drew2U

    @DShucking: HEY–Behind the Olive Garden is MY spot.

  • kinseyfiles

    That was very cute and amusing! (lol)

  • stranded

    I haven’t seen one of his videos in a long time, wow, boyfriend is getting old. Obviously still hot, but yeah

  • Pistolo

    I liked Davey Wavey 6 years ago when he just started making videos and just before he hit it big, I totally unsubscribed. I just felt after a while that he was too self-indulgent. What would he do if he couldn’t discuss sex or make easy jokes or preach Deepak Chopra quotes or not be shirtless? There wouldn’t be a vlog. He’s kind of boring otherwise.

    I honestly think he should just do a porn. He wants to, he’s said he wants to, we’ve all seen his dick. What’s the risk? That might be the only interesting thing he could do.


    Who the hell is Davey Wavey anyway? If he is representative of gay men today, we are all in big trouble. Why would anyone listen to such a sissy Mary queen loser? He doesn’t have a brain in his head, and he will do anything possible to get attention. He is not all that, for sure. He seriously needs to get over himself quickly. He isn’t even attractive. He builds up his chest to be current, and has these thin ugly legs. Everytime I see him on something I cringe and quickly turn it off. It’s like he wants to be popular so much, and thinks he is cute. I think he is obnoxious. Yuck.

  • stranded


    You must be totally in love with him. Can’t have that much hate without some love.

  • iMort

    If I were young and smoking hot I am sure my behavior wouldn’t meet with much approval! That was funny.

  • ouragannyc

    @BEN COOPER: Come on Ben, it’s not that serious. Has he rejected your advances?

  • Volvoguy

    Very funny, Davy is a lot of fun to listen to.
    And the asshole disingenuous him, get a friggin
    grip will, try to have some fun.
    Stop taking shit so serious all the time.

  • B Damion

    @BEN COOPER….Honey please. It sounds to me like you can queen out with the best of them.

    All the shade you throwin! Sssssssshhhaaaddde
    I can’t stand self rightous gay men like you.Who the hell do you think you are?
    I’m waiting for a reply……bitch.

  • carlMM

    Who is that hot boy? You know?

  • shadymoe

    Davey Wavey’s str8 guy is showing all his goods on Sean Cody. woof!

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