WATCH: Dawn French And Jennifer Saunders Read Madonna

If, like us, you’re frustrated by how quickly the bootleg videos of the new Absolutely Fabulous are being yanked, here’s something to brighten your day, sweetie darling: A clip of AbFab originators Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French reading the transcript of an interview with Evita-era Madonna that’s been re-re-re-translated from the original Hungarian.

We are embracing this with arms that are spread eagled!

For more of French & Saunders’ Madonna-inspired mischief, check out the videos below:




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  • the crustybastard

    Holy shit, that was funny. “I am not a test mouse!”

    Thanks for that.

  • CHIP1218

    Sorry this Hungarian interview isn’t real. This was a spoof written by Garry Trudeau, the creator of the newspaper comic Doonsebury and husband of anchorwoman Jane Pauley. He wrote this for Time magazine back in 1996. Funny nonetheless, it’s a product of good ‘ol American humor!

  • Lazycrockett

    What USA queer hasn’t already torrented the last 2 episodes TWO weeks ago? What does Logo and BBCA… well of course they do.

    Identity is okay, jobs is classic.

  • Mike Hipp


    “My book is called Sex.” “Not here, in Hungary it’s called Slut”

    I’m still laughing. Great piece.

  • CJustSickening

    I swear, I’ll NEVER, EVER get this weird, absurd fascination between people
    And this redundant, sloppy, god awful show….or ‘British Humor’ for that matter.
    I’d be better off depleting my braincells away by watching roadkill in the middle of the street. ¬_¬

  • Ryan

    god that was priceless

  • Moo

    @CJustSickening: British humour, sweetie.

  • MD

    Jeez Queerty, posting F&S from several years ago. What is it with historic vids off the net that you seem to think is news?

  • William M Arnold

    The things that get lost in translation !! So funny !! Hilarious !!

  • William M Arnold

    Apparently there will be another series. “The Bishop of Dibley”. I’ve long thought that the series should progress until Geraldine becomes Archbishop of Canterbury, with the grand finale being the marriage of a younger son of the Sovereign, Prince Stephen ?, to an African prince, Prince Adam of Nokulo ?. A lot of topical issues could, would be touched on if this happened.

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