WATCH: “Days Of Our Lives” Gay Couple Sonny And Will Make Sweet Love

Set your DVRs for November 14—that’s when Sonny and Will, Days of Our Lives, resident gay couple, will break their gay cherries. We’ve seen them hug and kiss, but according to online sources, they’ll finally be going all the way (after a few close calls and interruptions).

Feedback from fans of “WilSon,” as the twosome are known, has been positive. ” I can’t believe they’re actually going to go this far so soon without making them have some kind of formal commitment,” said one commenter. “I can’t wait to see it in November!”

Below, Will’s dad, Lucas, is the ultimate cockblock in an earlier interlude

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  • tardis

    I love this storyline. It took them a long time to get to it, but I appreciate it nonetheless!

  • pscheck2

    I was working out at the local gym and out of nowhere, I see these two hunks stripped down and getting it on in bed, (well, almost). Our gym has several screens showing different stations, and, fortunately, the one that I was looking at had ‘DOOL’s’ and had to smile that a coujple of hunks working out nearby, also were taking it in without missing a ‘rep!’

  • Jay

    DOOL is handling this love story so much better than ATWT did with Nuke.

    OTOH, Lucas went more than a little over the top banging on Sonny’s door the other day.

  • jerry_pritikin

    How come I didn’t hear any canned laughter?

  • Derek Williams

    Stunning, beyond beautiful.

  • John Doe

    The storyline is deathly slow…. but at least the writers are covering the multitude of LGBT issues that come up with families and friends of a gay person that comes out…. and then starts dating.

    Will’s dad says he is now “accepting” —- but it is clear that he doesn’t want Will to actually do anything about his sexuality. This mirrors what many parents and people think. They don’t mind that gays and lesbians exist…. so long as one doesn’t have to think about it or know that their child is actually doing something.

    Again, the writers are covering a multitude of issues very well….. one by one….. even though it is taking FOREVER for this relationship to get moving.

    I also find this relationship more “real” than some of the other LGBT relationships I’ve seen on TV. Maybe it is because it has taken so long for the relationship to develop. I don’t know. The only thing that is “untypical” is that most gay guys would have moved faster physically. This relationship is developing so slooooowly. My two cents on that anyway.

  • jdub

    It is a slow storyline, but it kinda needs to be if it’s going to survive. Many of the conservative viewers will feel alienated if it’s too much, too fast, and it’s good that they are taking their time to paint the characters and their struggles as very real… to help gain some understanding and support from even the most conservative of viewers. Taking it slow and breaking some of the stereotypes is good for the story and what they’re trying to teach.

  • D9W

    Make me sit up and bark!!! WOOF!!!

  • viveutvivas

    It is sweet and tender and hot. I only wish I had role models like this when growing up.

  • viveutvivas

    All soap opera storylines are slower than molasses. It is the nature of the genre.

  • pscheck2

    @John Doe: I couldn’t agree more with your comments! This Soap is not a gay orientaied show: it’s directed at a str8 female audience! And having read many posts re: other actors who were ‘suspected’ of being gay, their reaction is fierce! It all has to do with fantasy and they want all their hunks being str8!Easing into a love affair between two men can enlighten many that, hey! give those of us who represent that %% a chance with our own fantasies! Ladies, don’t be hogs!

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