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WATCH: Dear Hate on the Internet: F*ck You

We knew Lily Allen’s catchy “Fuck You” would have more uses than expressing feelings toward a cheating ex. Meet Steveie, who created this YouTube collabo from across the Internets, grabbing contributions from some two dozen regular uploaders for a montage mashup aimed at those who spew hate on the Internet. Perhaps we should post this at the beginning of all our Carrie Prejea comment threads?

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  • Lucky Luke


    Never seen any videos from any of those people, though.

  • Michael vdB

    LOL! Awsome!

  • alan brickman

    where are the masculine gays??? seriously….

  • vernonvanderbilt

    That was thoroughly delightful. I’d never heard that song before either, but it was fun and catchy. I may have to re-evaluate my stance on Lily Allen, because up to this point I thought she was just hype.

  • Winter

    I think one of the kids with the Popsicle is one of the 5AwesomeGays. Other than that idk any of these uploaders.

    Ta well. It was a cute little video.

  • eric

    SERIOUSLY, alan! where are they? queerty NEVER features hairy-chested, muscular men. all these other types of gays are starting to ruin my masculine homosexual lifestyle. their mere existence really makes my balls shrivel. the more i see examples of their kind the more i start to question if my hairy back and steroid-fueled muscles and football obsession starts to seem, well, not as central to my identity as a man. i really wish the less masculine men in our community would just go away. they make it hard for straight people to accept me for the butch cocksucker that i am!

  • naprem

    Is that Lindsay Lohan at 1:04 and 1:52 ?

  • AJ

    The “Masculine Gay” from that Youtube war a few weeks back is so obviously a fembot.

  • TANK

    Where are the “Masculine” gay guys in this? Goddamnit, I want to see an act! A straight act! If only for the occasional slip…up.

    Hey, this must’ve been fun to make…don’t recognize anyone.

  • slider

    Aww…that is cute and funny and so true and a great way to say it….Loved it!!! Thanks for posting… very cool!!!

  • David

    One of the guys with the Popsicles IS Michael. Who is Monday from the FiveAwesomegays. Also Couver87 (I think) is featured in there, he’s the guy who Queerty has posted about a few times in the past. Besides those two I have no clue who any of the others are hah

  • jake


    queerty DEFINITLY needs to do a post about them. there awesome!!

  • myrios123

    Thank you. That made my day.

  • soccerchick

    the 5 awsome gays def need to be featured!!!! they are awsome!!

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