WATCH: Decoding Romney’s Response To President’s Marriage-Equality Statement

This afternoon, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney held a press conference in Oklahoma City, where he addressed President Obama’s announcement in support of marriage equality. Now, we know CNN cut to him mid-sentence and he was probably answering another question, but given his unemotional demeanor and stiffness, it looked like for a second he was just a robot the GOP programmed with a single response  it was uttering over and over on a loop:

“Between and man and woman… ZZZT! Between a man and woman… ZZT! …man and woman.”

But seriously, did anyone notice how he specifically used the word “preference” in explaining his view on the tender issue of same-sex marriage? Isn’t it Republicans who think gays can change their sexual “preference”? Maybe Mitt is signaling to us that his opinion will change. Like he’s Patty Hearst trying to signal he’s not in cahoots with his captors? We need to get Mitt into some deprogramming!