Did Andrew Christian Intend To Make A Sexy Tribute To John Travolta And Jamie Lee Curtis?


Okay, is anyone else seeing this? Did Andrew Christian just make a sexy-time video (watch the somewhat NSFW clip here) that is actually a sly glancing reference to a cult ’80s dancersize movie starring John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis?

So here’s what we know: Andrew Christian just released a new sexy-time video featuring a bunch of men doing what they claim is “yoga,” but come on. Highlights include lots of flesh, crotch-thrusting, ass, bros, Shangela, neon leg-warmers, etc. It’s probably best if we don’t discuss the loathsome portmanteau of “broga.”

According to the description, “This Is Andrew Christian’s Tribute To A Gay House Music Classic Anthem, ‘Call On Me’ By Eric Prydz.”

Sure, fine, we are familiar with that work: a heterosexual-ish dance studio video with lots of crotch thrusting and weird fashion.

But wait. That video is itself a tribute to the 1985 movie Perfect, in which a reporter played by John Travolta goes undercover at a West Hollywood gym and seduces future Activia star Jamie Lee Curtis.

And that was based on a series of Rolling Stone articles about cruising at gyms. Quite a path this concept has taken.

Andrew Christian’s yoga video is ripped from the headlines! …of thirty years ago.