WATCH: Did Dustin Lance Black Hint About Tom Daley Relationship In Interview Last Summer?

final-1fullcolorcropWhile waiting for Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black to confirm their rumored romance, we, like the rest of the blogosphere, have been searching for signs they’re really a couple and they’re definitely out there.

First (and dare we say foremost?), there’s the photo (right) we posted in October of the twosome leaving a West Hollywood coffee shop together. Then in an interview with U.K. talk show host Jonathan Ross, Daley says he met his new love at a party and reports surfaced that both he and Black attended an after-party for the Nickelodeon Annual Kids’ Choice Awards last March.

Astute followers of both men on social media know they appear to be in different American cities at the moment. On Thursday, Daley tweeted that he safely arrived in the States and anticipated a hard week of training ahead of his. He’s thought to be in Houston and this morning posted a photo of a high dive on his Instagram page.

Black, having just returned from screening Milk at a film festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, (his first tweet upon his return was a sarcastic “Did I miss anything?”) has indicated that he’s in bed at his home in West Hollywood suffering from a cold due to his intense travel schedule. Yesterday, he tweeted about the healing powers of chicken matzo ball soup from a local deli.

Now we’ve come across an interview from last August in which the Oscar-winning screenwriter made a reference to how appealing he found the Olympic diver.

When he appeared as a guest on Throwing Shade, a comic chat show hosted by Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson, Black participated in a round of High Brow/Low Brow, in which he is asked if he’s ever put his Oscar up his butt, among other informative questions. Eventually, he’s asked what it would take to get him to appear on Splash, the summer reality series that followed celebs mastering the art of diving.

“As long as I could do the British version because the host is much cuter,” the Oscar-winner replied. And guess who hosted the UK series? Correct, none other than Tom Daley.

Watch the interview below. Black appears around the 9:30 mark.