WATCH: Dimwitted Protester Almost Starts A Fire Outside General Mills HQ

We never thought we’d see anything that made buying Starbucks coffee just to pour it out look like a rational course of action, but this right-wing moron took his idiocy a step further. Shlepping out to General Mills headquarters in Golden Valley, Minnesota, to protest the company’s support for LGBT equality, he attempted to set a box of Cheerio’s on fire. (Because Cherrio’s are obviously what they eat in the fiery pits of Hell.)

Of course, using a torch in high winds isn’t very bright, but one look at this schmo tells you it’s just the latest in a lifetime of bad decisions.

Source: Good As You

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  • Benji Douglas

    I am a little concerned about how flammable Cheerios apparently are.

  • J Bruner

    Sorry – but this looks more like a big queen making fun of stupid hillbilly fucksticks, rather than an actual hillbilly fuckstick who should be made fun of.

  • Clay

    The only thing dumber than boycotting Pro-LGBT companies, burning cereal in effigy.

  • Clay

    Also, maybe they shouldn’t have had the guy who lisps and chose to wear pink, give the speech against gay marriage.

  • Homomofo

    @ J Bruner You’d be amazed at how often the most vocally anti gay men turn out to look and sound just like Rip Taylor!

  • Homomofo

    @ J Bruner You’d be amazed at how often the most vocally anti-gay men turn out to look and sound just like Rip Taylor!

  • The Observer

    HAHAHA I love when the bigots own bigotry gets in their own way.

  • SunshineStar

    How did I know some fool was going to blame this as being staged by gay people?
    Man, the phobes can’t even recognize their own phobia. Have you ever visited the Million Moms facebook page? Have you heard of some of the protests they’ve conducted against JC Pennys outside the stores? Nothing is above them. But then again, something tells me you already know that.

  • Ewoks R Us

    Man, this video seems like it is a parody of something that would happen on Modern Family. With that guy’s build and wardrobe and manner of speech I can just imagine Cam trying to burn a chicken sandwich outside Chick-fil-A and then throwing a sissy fit: “OMG Mitchell! Run! Grab Lily! OMG I’m flaming!” Then Mitchell says: “Yes, and you’re on fire.”

  • I won't grow up

    Benji, honey. You are absolutely right. I’m glad I don’t smoke anymore I might have self emolated. What a shitty way to start the day.
    This is hilarious, even if it does turn out to be faked.

  • Cam

    The biggest bigots are always the biggest closet cases.

  • Kev C

    @J Bruner: Whenever you hear the word “Homo.Sex.U.Alls”, you can be sure it’s a real hick.

  • Robroberts

    Mr. Mike Leisner can be reached at his work at (763) 767-9200. Perhaps this dipshit would like to hear from you.

  • spooge bob

    fake fake fake

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