Better Times

WATCH: Disappointing Gay Best Friend Tackles “It Gets Better”

Mikala and her GBF Tyler are back and this time Mikala has a message: “It gets better.”

Tyler’s response, as always, is underwhelming.

By the way, has anyone noticed that in all the clips Mikala’s outfits change but Tyler wears the same plaid shirt? We’re disappointed, Tyler. Very, very disappointed. As one YouTube commenter notes, “Drastic times call for drastic measures. Tell Tyler to lose the shirt!”


Video/image via Disappointing Gay Best Friend

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  • Elloreigh

    Tyler’s shirt probably stays the same to convey that he’s not stereotypically fashion-obsessed.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • CousinEddie

    @Elloreigh: Seconded

  • Penguins

    I’m pretty sure they addressed the shirt thing and it was entirely intentional. It’s a part of the joke. Don’t bash it, Tyler is still a cutie.

  • Penguins

    Also, I think the commenter meant to lose the shirt as in: “Tyler, please remove your clothes and be naked.”

  • TJ

    At least this is funny – I’d rather watch this than any Davey Wavey clip.

  • Interesting

    That was cute.

  • Phil

    Tyler’s not so much disappointing as he is a jerk. He’s handsome though.

  • Panda

    What gets better, I feel sorry for Tyler the woman seems to be anoying as sin

  • Interesting

    @Phil: If you asked what’s “it”, and the person can’t answer, that’s not being a jerk. That’s having a working bullshit detector. There’s nothing that says friendship means accepting bullshit.

  • Phil

    There are several videos by this duo and in, going from older to newer videos, Tyler gets progressively less endearing and more and more towards mean-spirited. I suppose, though, that it is not quite as apparent in this particular video.

  • Dave

    “It gets better” is a total joke nowadays and Savage only started it so he could get a reality TV show on MTV.

  • Lothar

    @Dave: Amen!

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