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WATCH: Donald Trump Gets News Professionals to Scream Over Each Other

Do we need the mainstream news media to identify the Miss USA competition is a giant publicity stunt, not a respected outlet for the betterment of young women? Yes, apparently. MSNBC’s David Shuster reacts (with a want to vomit) to Donald Trump’s announcement today that Carrie Prejean will keep her Miss California crown. But is Contess Brewer right, in that this is a good launching point to discuss gay marriage in a public forum? Maybe, but that would require civilized debate.

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  • Will

    I love me some MSNBC. However, David Shuster just wants to be Keith Olbermann, and gets lost in his attempts to be more liberal than everyone else. Although her sentiment may be a bit maligned, Contessa Brewer is correct I believe in that the more ‘the gay’ is discussed the better. Isn’t the first step to being accepted as equal to be acknowledged in the first place? And is it really all that bad that many people are going to see this as the ‘gay agenda’ verses dumb blonds and narcissistic billionaires?

  • dgz


    yes, it’s bad. really, really bad. why? BECAUSE she’s a young, dumb blonde, and one who shares an opinion with the majority of [misguided] Americans. with a world full of *dangerous* bigots, the media machine focused on Carrie effing Prejean and completely crucified her. a martyr was created, and effectively further galvanized the movement against us. she’s a freaking bikini model, and we pitted her against perez hilton, on of our least ethically appealing fauxlebrities.

    this will backfire.

  • sal(the original)

    aint she miss lipgloss on air?!lmao

  • sal(the original)

    deep like a puddle

  • Zakakaka

    David Shuster is hot…

  • simon

    Donald Trump’s head looks as if it’s been combed over with poo.

  • osocubano

    @simon: How’d you guess? He thought it was a secret…

  • jason

    Note how the bigots operate. They’re saying “how dare you gays attack our bigotry!”. Well, I’ve got news for them. If they think that we gays are going to recoil into our little shells and be too afraid to criticize them, they’re mistaken.

    We won’t hesitate to speak our minds. Bigots, your intimidating tactics against us won’t work anymore.

  • roger

    will, you’re completely right about david shuster. in the past year, he has become an embarrassing caricature. he used to be a credible newsman, and is clearly throwing his future as a credible newsman away because the current climate at msnbc is friendly to his act. ridiculous!

  • Ian

    Wow, so you criticize Shuster for being too liberal?!

    Who the f**k do you think is on our side?

    Some people need to go back to the Log Cabin.

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