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WATCH: Donald Trump pops up at a supervillain-themed vogue battle and wins grand prize

If your knowledge of the vogue scene is limited to that one time you watched Paris is Burning in college, you might not know there’s a vibrant and radically inclusive global network of largely POC queers who continue to breathe life into and evolve the ballroom community.

Ryan Murphy‘s upcoming FX drama Rise will delve into some of the culture’s history, and there are a number of easily accessible ways to discover what’s happening right now.

First, there’s the 2016 documentary Kiki as well as an excellent new Viceland series called My House that both offer glimpses into this still under-the-radar world.

And then there’s Instagram and YouTube, where ballroom videos of runway slayage gather thousands of views.

Ballroom Throwbacks Television is a YouTube channel boasting over 100K followers, and posts clip after clip after clip from balls.

They recently shared some videos of a runway battle with a supervillain theme. The dancers take center stage to impress the judges with their looks and moves before battling one-on-one.

There’s Cruella de Vil, Poison Ivy, T-1000 from Terminator (who looks an awful lot more like the Tin Man from Wizard of OZ if you ask us), and then…

Full Donald Trump drag. Voguing down the runway.

“The only context where ‘come thru tr*mp’ is acceptable,” one commenter noted.

Check out the breathtaking sight at the 5:26 mark:

And here he is battling it out at the 3:12 and 7:00 marks:

Just in case you didn’t pick up on it, “Trump” won grand prize for House of Balenciaga.