WATCH: FCKH8 Tells Off Marriage Hypocrites For Valentine’s Day

What better way to call out homophobic hypocrisy than with a foul-mouthed spoken-word rant from a plus-size drag queen?

Last week, T-shirt makers/activists FCKH8 released a new Valentine’s Day-themed video, in which a drag-queen bride gets her Nicki Minaj on, dropping truth bombs about how the best way to protect straight marriage is to outlaw divorce (ahem, Newt Gingrich).

“Your dumbass argument be fake-ass bullshit!” she squeals. “Stop cock-blocking us!”

“A Valentine’s for Homophobes” is part of FCKH8’s current viral campaign to #OccupyValentines. For every tweet Facebook share the clip gets, the group’ll donate a nickel to the similarly text-lingo-inspired H8SUX, which donates empowering apparel to high school kids.

And be sure to click over to and buy a T-shirt for yourself—and your boo. It’s better than chocolates.