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WATCH: The ‘Drag Race’ / ‘American Idol’ crossover you never knew you never needed

The judges were awestruck. “You’re going to Hollywood,” they decried. And it was all thanks to RuPaul. Or at least that’s how it appears in a heavily edited YouTube sketch (for all our special gullible friends, that means ‘joke’) from The Ryan and Amy Show.

Ru is a lot of things: drag superstar, TV mogul and two-time Emmy award winner among them.

But nobody is getting her confused with a Stephen Sondheim-esque lyricist.

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Ru has delivered some catchy bops over the years, from 2014’s bipedal empowerment anthem “Sissy That Walk” to 2009’s “Cover Girl,” which, now that we think about it, also celebrates the art of walking.

Here, Ru’s songs “Kitty Girl” and “Rock It (To The Moon)” help American Idol hopeful Ryan Steele get that much closer to the spotlight.


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