Girl on Fire

WATCH: ‘Drag Race’ contestant takes flaming to a new level… by setting herself on fire

Drag performer Kandy Zyanide, (real name Sukun Dongnoi), took to the runway for the latest installment of Drag Race Thailand, the Thai spin-off of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and set herself aflame as part of her act.

The gag disintegrated the bottom of her dress (which was the intended effect), though Zyanide spent the remainder of the episode applying burn cream to her face.

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How’s that for commitment to a bit?

The flaming gimmick managed to land Zyanide the top spot on the episode, though the move also attracted criticism. “Drag is not all about deathdrops and a split… yes I can do that shit but I do not HAVE to do that to be a fierce drag queen,” said Drag Race Thailand co-host Pangina Heals. “What happened to the days when a queen is appreciated for expressing the emotions and the meaning of the song instead of killing themselves on the stage?!??”

Now in its second season, Drag Race Thailand has proven a hit in Asia. The new season made headlines even before it aired after the announcement that a cisgender woman would compete as one of the queens.

Watch below: